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Hooper Bible
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Hooper Bible

Transcribed bible. Edward E. Hooper Bible now owned by his Great Granddaughter, Mrs. Maggie Frazar of Smithville, Tenne.
Copied by Agnes Vanhooser and Mrs. Clara Bing, Smithville, Tennessee.
June, 1937.

Bible can be found in several sources:
Charles Thomas Leonard Papers
Heritage Quest V202-17, V233-485
LDS Family History Library
  1. Certain, Richard E. (6 Nov 1832)
  2. Hooper, David Humphrey (2 May 1836)
  3. Hooper, Edward E. (5 Jan 1777)
  4. Hooper, Mathew P. (21 Mar 1827)
  5. Hooper, Thomas Richard (2 Mar 1836)
  6. Kelley, Mary A. M. (Hooper), (10 Jul 1814)
  7. Pirtle, Edward H. (18 Sep 1827)
  8. Pirtle, Foster A. (1 Oct 1821)
  9. Pirtle, John Lafayette (19 Jun 1833)
  10. Pirtle, Mary Ann (Chambers), (1 Dec 1820)
  11. Pirtle, Obadiah H. (20 Aug 1823)
  12. Pirtle, Susanah (Hooper), (1806)


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