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shirley eulene mcgee
Shirley McGee Douglass

Shirley Douglass is the daugher of Thomas Cleveland "Cleve" McGee and granddaughter of Samuel Crawford "Crawford" McGee.

Shirley Douglass has spent considerable time in personal interviews regarding McGee Family Genealogy with about 100 individuals listed. Shirley is Secretary of the McGee Reunion and has provided a great deal of information from her files which have been scrupulously maintained by all Secretaries and officers since the first reunion in 1941. The McGee Reunion lists a number of images taken from the McGee Reunion Notebooks. The McGee Reunion Notebook selection on the McGee Family Bibliography and Sources lists over 100 individuals.

Shirley and her husband, John, can be reached at:
Mr. & Mrs. John Douglass
411 West Main St.
McMinnville, TN 37110