Douglass Cullam Hooper

Douglass Cullam Hooper

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Born: 26 Sep 1872

Died: 26 Mar 1956
Whorton Springs Cemetery, DeKalb Co., TN



Mary Lou Hooper
  +M. L. Harney
        Monroe Harney
        Elizabeth Harney
Edgar Scott Hooper
  +Florence I. Brock
        Valley Hinson Hooper
        Edgar Benton "Benton" Hooper
        Dubbie Hooper
        Linnie Hooper
        James H. Hooper
        Elmore M. Hooper
James Haskell Hooper
Alyette Goodlett Hooper
Walter Fisk Hooper
  +Maggie Robinson
        Hallie Eugene Hooper
        James Walter Hooper
        Nellie Hooper
        Mary Hooper
        Edgar Reed Hooper
Wade Hampton Hooper
  +Susie Frazier
        Earnest C. Hooper
        Wade Howard Hooper
        John White Hooper
        Mildred Aileen Hooper
        Martha Estell Hooper
        Mary Hellen Hooper
        Clyde Douglas Hooper
        Charoline Hooper
        Sue Hampton Hooper
        Charles Monroe Hooper
Robert Lee Hooper
  +Claudia Vantrease
        Homer Heiskell Hooper
        Grover Brown Hooper
        Roberta Hooper
Maggie Hooper
  +Ammond Frazier
        Maggie Odell Frazier
        Milus Etta Frazier
Florence Hooper
  +Dr. James Overall


Photo Archive

Whorton Springs, DeKalb Co., TN, Cemetery
Douglass Cullam Hooper
Douglas C. Hooper Tombstone

General Sources

  1. Norman T. McGee
    Silas Roy McGee's copy of Maggie (Hooper) Frazier's Bible - Page E
  2. Tennessee Cemeteries
    Cemeteries of DeKalb County, Tennessee, by Doris Garrison Gilbert, 1989

    Page 344
  3. 1880 Census
        Census Place:	Smithville, De Kalb, Tennessee
        Source:	FHL Film 1255252  National Archives Film T9-1252     Page 203A
        Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
    Tennessee M. HOOPER	Self	M	M	W	35	TN
        Occ:	Merchant	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Missouri D. HOOPER	Wife	F	M	W	36	TN
        Occ:	Keeps House	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Mary L. HOOPER	Dau	F	S	W	13	TN
        Occ:	At School	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Edgar S. HOOPER	Son	M	S	W	11	TN
        Occ:	At School	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    James H. HOOPER	Son	M	S	W	10	TN
        Occ:	At School	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Duglas C. HOOPER	Son	M	S	W	8	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Eylett G. HOOPER	Son	M	S	W	5	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Walter F. HOOPER	Son	M	S	W	3	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Wade H. HOOPER	Son	M	S	W	1	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN


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