Edward E. Hooper to Tennessee Hooper

Edward E. Hooper to Tennessee Hooper

Edward E. Hooper Tennessee M. Hooper
DeKalb Co., TN
August 11, 1838


Hooper to Hooper Bond     } Know all men by these presents that
for the conveyance of land } I Edward E. Hoope of the County of
                                                 } Dekalb and State of Tennessee
am held and firmly bound unto Tennessee Hooper
of county and State aforesd in the sum of Seven
hundred dollars good and lawfull money for which payment
will and truly to be made and done do bind myself my heirs &c
firmly by these presents conditioned as follows that if the above 
named Edward E. Hooper his heirs executors or administrators doth
well and truly make or cause to be made unto Tennessee Hooper
his heirs &c a good and sufficient deed of conveyance to one
hundred and thirty acres of land it being the place which James
Scott deeded to me on the Caney Fork river and County and 
State aforesaid on or before the first day of January 1839 then
their obligation to be null and void otherwise to remain in 
full force and virtue given under my hand and seal
this 11th August 1838                                             his
                                                                    Edward E. x  Hooper {SEAL}
in presence of                                                          mark
  George P. Kellye
  James Redman

State of Tennessee Dekalb County September term 1838 on motion
a bond was produced in open court for probate from Edward
E. Hooper to Tennessee Hooper for Seven hundred dollars
conditioned for the making of a deed of conveyance and the
same was duly proven inopen court by the oaths of George
P. Kelley and James Redman subscribing witnesses to the same
who being first sworn depose and say that they acquented with
the barganer and that he acknowledged the same in their
presents to be his act and deed upon the day it bares date
witness my hand at office this the 3rd of September 1838
a true copy from the minutes            P.M.Wade Clerk
                                                              of Dekalb County Court
Registered in this office Sept 5th 1835  Daniel Coggin Regr.

Page 145-146
DeKalb County, TN
Deed Book
Volume A, March 1838 - May 1841
Transcribed by Dean McGee
from microfilm image
February 16, 2002


Collection: Land Records - DeKalb Co., TN, Deed Book A, Page 145


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