Tax sale: Nancy Pirtle

Tax sale: Nancy Pirtle

White Co., TN
July 7, 1846


White County Tennessee
Deed Book O; 1844-1848
Page 306

Joseph W. Glenn Tax Collector	|
	to				|
Nancy Pirtle				|     Whereas a judgment was given in 
favor of the State by the Circuit Court of White County at the June Term 1845 
for four Dollars and twenty one cents for taxes cost and charges due and 
unpaid for the year 1844 against a tract of Land of which Nancy Pirtle is the 
reputed owner containing by Estimation ninety acres more or less Lying in 
Tennessee White County and District Number Six and bounded as follows to wit: 
Beginning at a stake and pointers running thence west with the meanderings of 
the Stage  road one hundred and nine poles to a stake and pointers, thence 
North about one hundred and thirty poles to a Spanish oak on the north 
boundary of the said John Pirtles two hundred and eighty nine acre survey, 
thence east one hundred & nine poles to a post oak and black oak, thence 
south one hundred and thirty poles to the beginning on which judgment and 
order of sale issued and came to my hands Wallace B. Cope Revenue Collector 
of the County of White on the 2nd day of June 1845, by virtue of which after 
advertising and Giving notice agreeably to law.  I sold the said Land at the 
court house of said County on the 7th day of July 1845, at Public Sale to 
Nancy Pirtle for the sum of four Dollars and Twenty one cents to me in hand 
paid that being the highest & best bid for the same.  Therefore I Joseph W. 
Glenn Successor and Revenue Collector of said County in consequence of the 
premises and for the consideration of the said sum of four Dollars and Twenty 
one cents do hereby transfer and convey the said tract of land above 
described to the said Nancy Pirtle and her heirs and assigns forever in as 
full and as ample a manner as I am as Revenue and Collector as aforesaid, 
authorized and required to do by law, but no further or otherwise this 7th 
day of July 1846.
								J. W. Glenn Tax Collector

State of Tennessee White County personally appeared before me William Little 
Clerk of White County Court Joseph W. Glenn Tax Collector of White County 
with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged the due Execution of 
the within Deed of conveyance to be his act and deed as Tax Collector of said 
County for the purposes and things therein contained which is recorded.  
Witness my hand at office the 7th day of December A. D. 1846.
								Test     William Little   
									Of White County Court

Filed and noted in Reception book No. 1, page 22 on the 16th December 1;846 
at 3 O'Clock P.M. and Registered the same day.
								Test    O. H. P. Sims   
							of J. W. Roberts   Reg.  White 

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