Patrick Hennessey

Patrick Hennessey

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Died: Oct 1796
Burke Co., N. C.



Ailsey McDowell


James David Hennessee
  +Jane McGee
        John Thomas Hennessee
        Samuel McGee Hennessee
        Esther Hennessee
        Anderson L. Hennessee
        Eliza Jane Hennessee
        James Hennessee Jr.
        Mary Ann "Polly Ann" Hennessee
  +Sarah Wilcher
        Thomas Hennessee
        Archibald Wilcher Hennessee
        Patrick Samuel Hennessee
        Alsey J. Hennessee
        Alfred Hennessee
        Alexander Hennessee
        Henry Hennessee

General Sources

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  2. The Wiseman Family and Allied Lines
    Page 565
  3. Francis M. Bradley
    Will recorded 10/24/1795 Burke Co., NC


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