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Charles F. Lay

Charles F. Lay

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Born: 18 Apr 1848
White Co., TN

Died: 17 Feb 1876



Parisetta Frances Lay
  +Nelson Clay Davis
        Mary Etta Davis
        Lee Davis
        Wade H. Davis
        Oscar Davis
        Cora Bell Davis
        Jonathan "John" Davis
        Jefferson Davis
Sarah Caroline Lay
  +Clayborn C. Fowler
        Minnie F. Fowler
        Marion Francis Fowler
        James Madison Fowler
        Benjamin Franklin Fowler
        Christopher Columbus Fowler
        Mary Magdalena Fowler
Susan E. Lay
  +Thomas Crawford
        Nelson Crawford
        Lien Crawford
        Alexander Crawford
        William A. Crawford
        John W. Crawford
        Dee M. Crawford
James A. W. Lay
Madison F. Lay
Daniel C. Lay
  +Sally Mathers
        Luther Lay
        D. Lay
        Robert "Baa" Lay
        Bev Lay
        Dora Lay
Louisa Jane Lay
  +Thomas Allen
        Parazita Allen
        Thomas J. Allen
Thomas H. Lay
  +L. J. Beasley
zachariah dave lay
Zachariah "Dave" Lay
  +Ida Belle Williams
        Dosha Ruth Lay
        Stella Mae Lay
        Hazel Lay
        Homer Lee Lay
        Ethel Lee Lay
        Richard Floyd Lay
        Albert Preston Lay
        Lenora Mae Lay
        Annie Lee Lay
        Katheryn Dora Lay

General Sources

  1. James R. Blanks
  2. Larry Miller
  3. 1850 Census
    1850 Census - White County, Tennessee
    |h#|f#|name           |ag|s|occu   |birth    |s|r|pg|date
    |58|58|Lay, Zechariah |28|m|farming|Tennessee| |1|5b|july 22, 1850
    |  |  |Lay, Dosha     |24|f|       |Tennessee| |1|  |
    |  |  |Lay, Priscilla |9 |f|       |Tennessee|1| |  |
    |  |  |Lay, Sarah C.  |6 |f|       |Tennessee|1| |  |
    |  |  |Lay, Susan     |4 |f|       |Tennessee| | |  |
    |  |  |Lay, Charles F.|2 |m|       |Tennessee| | |  |


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