Zachariah "Dave" Lay

Zachariah "Dave" Lay

zachariah dave lay

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Born: 26 Apr 1864

Died: 11 Feb 1934



Parisetta Frances Lay
  +Nelson Clay Davis
        Mary Etta Davis
        Lee Davis
        Wade H. Davis
        Oscar Davis
        Cora Bell Davis
        Jonathan "John" Davis
        Jefferson Davis
Sarah Caroline Lay
  +Clayborn C. Fowler
        Minnie F. Fowler
        Marion Francis Fowler
        James Madison Fowler
        Benjamin Franklin Fowler
        Christopher Columbus Fowler
        Mary Magdalena Fowler
Susan E. Lay
  +Thomas Crawford
        Nelson Crawford
        Lien Crawford
        Alexander Crawford
        William A. Crawford
        John W. Crawford
        Dee M. Crawford
Charles F. Lay
James A. W. Lay
Madison F. Lay
Daniel C. Lay
  +Sally Mathers
        Luther Lay
        D. Lay
        Robert "Baa" Lay
        Bev Lay
        Dora Lay
Louisa Jane Lay
  +Thomas Allen
        Parazita Allen
        Thomas J. Allen
Thomas H. Lay
  +L. J. Beasley


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Zachariah Dave Lay
Dave Lay

General Sources

  1. James R. Blanks
  2. Larry Miller
    Buried in Cadda Cemetary. He got the name "Dave" because the family had a mule
    named Dave and every morning little Zachariah would wake up and start braying like the mule so they got to calling
    him "Dave".


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