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Esther McGee

Esther McGee

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Born: 28 Aug 1858
Warren Co., TN

Died: BEF 1860



James Lockhart McGee
  +Martha C. McGee
        Samuel L. McGee
        William Calhoun "Billy" McGee
        Joseph McGee
        Irven Elbert McGee
Mary Ann McGee
  +James M. Templeton
        Sarah Adline Templeton
        Caldonia Templeton
        Laura Templeton
        J. William Templeton
william c. mcgee
William C. McGee
  +Helen M. Jones
        Earnest McGee
Thomas C. McGee
Sarah Fern "Sally" McGee
  +Joseph Alexander Smith
        Samuel Franklin Smith
        Ada M. Smith
        Ricard Lee Smith
        Nellie V. Smith
John Alexander McGee
  +Hannah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith
        William H(arrison) McGee
        Samuel Crawford McGee
        Verginie McGee
        Manerva McGee
        Georgia McGee
        Jennie McGee
Archibald Gentry "Gentry" McGee
  +Fannie P. Hoodenpyle
        Annie L. McGee
        Jennie M. McGee
        Laura E. McGee
        Emma McGee
        Mary C. McGee
        Willie M. McGee
        Mattie McGee
        Jessie P. McGee
        James L. McGee
        Loyd McGee
        Ewell McGee
        Zelma McGee
        Lee McGee
        Lillie McGee
Samuel Crawford "Crawford" McGee
  +Eliza Jane Hennessee
        Florence Etta McGee
        William Lockhart "Willie" McGee
        Samuel Franklin "Frank " McGee
        Martha Alice "Alice" McGee
        James Floyd "Floyd" McGee
        Thomas Cleveland "Cleve" McGee
        Irving Elbert McGee
        Joseph Waymon "Waymon" McGee
        Fannie Wavie "Wavie" McGee
        Hermon Lester "Lester" McGee
Richard L. McGee
  +Magdaline "Maggie" Cardwell
        Albert McGee
Martha "Mattie" McGee
  +Phillip Andrew McGregor
        Frank Wilson McGregor
        William Virgil McGregor
        Infant McGregor
        Della Lee McGregor
        John Norman McGregor
        Lena Shelley McGregor
        Ola McGregor
        Annie McGregor

General Sources

  1. David A. Hennessee
  2. James C. McGee, Jr.
    Letter of November 27, 2001 and computer disc.
    giives birth as Aug 24, 1858


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