Henry Morris

Henry Morris

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Born: ABT 1902



General Sources

  1. Debbie Wilkins
    Email communication from Debbie Wilkins on March 23, 2003; information originally provided by Margie Garr.
  2. Margie Garr
    Hatch Match & Dispatch, Vol. 8, transcribed from "The Baxter Bulletin"

    February 9, 1945, page 36, Elburg Young Morris, born Feb 15, 1905, died Feb 2, 1945 and was buried in Walker Cemetery. He is survived by his father, Tom Morris, Stepmother, Mrs. Hattie Morris, three sisters, Mrs. Emma Smith, Mrs. Willie Hornsby of Wichita, KS, and Mrs. Mary Davis of Huber, OK, five brothers, Jim Morris of Mountain Home, Elijah Morris of Joplin, MO, Henry Morris of Wichita, KS, Anderson and Dick Morris of Lawrence, KS.


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