Jodie McGee

Jodie McGee

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Albert McGee
Jesslock "Jake" McGee
  +Leona unknown
Helen McGee
  +Felis Van Walleghen
        Barbara Van Walleghen
        Elaine Van Walleghen
Willard McGee
  + unknown
        Nancy McGee
        Cindy McGee
Wilma McGee
  +Albert Aulner
        Shirley V. Aulner
Hazel McGee
  +Bob Brinkman
        Sandy Brinkman
        Linda Brinkman
        Rocky Brinkman
Joyce McGee
  +Don Lucas
        Tana Lucas
        Monte Lucas
        Randy Lucas
Delores McGee
  +William Bunde
        Terry Bunde
        Tim Bunde
        Todd Bunde


Photo Archive

John Carl McGee
Jaunaya  McGee
Jodie  McGee
John McGee and Daughters

General Sources

  1. James C. McGee, Jr.
    Letter of November 27, 2001 and computer disc.


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