Martha Drake Will (2 of 3)

Martha Drake Will (2 of 3)

Joseph England McGee James M. McGee Martha C. McGee Reubin M. Drake Martha  England
Warren County, Tennessee
March 29, 1887


Warren County 
Roll #85
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Inventories and Settlements
Vol: 7-8 Oct 1880 - Aug 1892

County Court Clerk's Office
Wills and Inventories
Vol  8
Oct 1887  - Aug 1892

Martha Drake Will

State of Tennessee	}
Warren County	} March 29th 1887
			By these presents no all men 
that I Martha Drake do make this my 
last will and testament to the airs named in this will
to wit: 1 John A McGee his airs four in number are 
to have his share 2. Joseph E. McGee is to have his share 
while he lives after his death it is to go to his wife 
and children and is not to be squandered in one way. 
3 Mary Ann Argo I is to have 25 acres of land where 
she now lives including the buidings and spring 
some of the land to be timbered land after her 
death it is to return to her children if this twenty 
five acres of land does not make Mary Ann Argo 
equal with the rest of the ares with the other airs 
she is to be made equal out of the rest of estate. 
4 Martin V. McGee is to have his proportional with 
the rest of the children
5 Archibald McGee proportional part is to be equally 
divided between his children six children in 
number each one of them that is of age I want 
them paid off their part all that are minor I a 
Guardian appointed for them
6 James M. McGee his children is to have his 
proportional part they are five of his children all 
them that are of age I want paid their part those that 
are minors I want a guardian appointed
7 Martha C. McGee is to have fifty dollars over and above 
her equal proportion and to be her own to hold and 
possess as her own while she lives after her death to 
asend to ther ares and my request is that she invest 
her part in bond that she may have a home
8 Reuben M. Drake  my now living husband I want 
him to have a shear equal with the other airs
9 I now state in this will that Joseph McGee has 
paid me all that he ever owed me and I have bin 
value compensated and I make him an equal 
one with the other ares.
10 All my personal property is to be sold and used 
to pay off all my just debts if anything should 
be left after they are paid it is to be equally divided 
among the ares
11 I now state if any of the above named airs are 
dissatisfied with this my will and bring suit  or 
cause suit to be brought against the other airs and 
cause a law suitsuch airs are hereby disennuled 
and they are to have nothing.

					Martha Drake

Witness J. P. Quick
	J. D. Jennings
The foregoing paper writing purporting to be the last 
will and testament of Martha Drake and offered for 
probate when the two attesting witnesses J. P. Quick  
& J D. Jennings after being duly sworn deposed and 
said that they were personally acquainted with the 
testatrix Martha Drake in her life time & that she 
acknowledged the same in their presence as her 
last will and testament & that they signed the 
same as witnesses at her request and that at the 
time of signing and acknowledging the same they 
believed her to be of sound mind & disposing memory 
When the Court was pleased to admit the same to 
probate & ordered the same recorded in book of Wills & c
Witness my hand at office this July 1st 1887
			W. L. Swarm clk


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