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James Crawford McGee Jr.

James Crawford McGee Jr.

james crawford mcgee jr.

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Photo Archive

Clayta M. June Taylor
Shirley Eulene McGee
Audra Darlene Fattig
James Crawford McGee Jr.
Danny Lee Herrin Jr.
Jessie Floyd McGee
Jessica  McGee
Clarence  Church
Maelee Brooke McGee
Donna  Pendegraph
McGee Reunion - 2001
Harry  Jones
James Andrew Allison
James C. McGee
Steve  Jones
Eula  Winton
Jane  McGee
Angela Eulene Douglass
Arlis  Rigsby
Shirley Eulene McGee
Raymond  Basham
Anna Rhea Betchel
Matt  McCollouch
Donna  Pendegraph
Tracy  McGee
Jessie Floyd McGee
Alma  McGee
Clayta Ray Grove
Annabelle  Grove
Etta  McGregor
Evelyn Faye McGee
Tom  Kell
Mathew Strickland Dock McGee
Shirley Eulene McGee
Alma  McGee
Tyson Lynn Brock
Evelyn  Nelson
John  Douglass
McGee Reunion - 1992
William Lockhart Willie McGee
Ada Ann Cunningham
James Crawford McGee
Jane  McGee
James C. McGee
Leonard  Betchel
Charles Forrest Forrest Grove Jr.
Don  Yancy Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. W. L. McGee Married 50 Years
Clata Ray Grove
Eunice  McVey
James C. McGee
McGee Reunion

General Sources

  1. Tennessee Library Records
    Magness Library, McMinnville, TN - McGee Folder - James Crawford McGee student essay by James Andrew Allison
  2. James C. McGee, Jr.
    Letter of November 27, 2001 and computer disc.


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