James Isham "Isham" McGee

James Isham "Isham" McGee

james isham isham mcgee

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Born: 22 Aug 1876
Warren Co., TN

Died: 14 Feb 1954
Hamilton Co., TN
Presbyterian Cemetery, near Soddy, TN




Photo Archive

James Isham McGee
Joseph England McGee
Elizabeth  Jennings
J. Isham McGee Dies
Beatrice  McGee
Fred  McGee
Thurman Elzie McGee
Willene  McGee
James Isham McGee
McGee Reunion Minutes - 1943
James Isham Isham McGee
Albert Sydney Dodson
James William Will McGee
James Crawford McGee
Calhoun  Collier
Ada Mae Betchel
Anna Rae Betchel
Beatrice  McGee
McGee Reunion - Minutes, 1946
Willene  McGee
Tom  Kell
Ernest  McGee
Fred  McGee
James Isham Isham McGee
Ella Mai McGee
1950 McGee Reunion
James Mitchell Mitchell Butcher
Calhoun  Collier
Bernice  unknown
Floyd  McGregor
Lucinda  McGee
James Isham Isham McGee
Eunice Connie Langley
William Franklin Bill McGee
Mathew Strickland Dock McGee
Orvil B. Wiseman
Leonard  Betchel
Alma Rhea McGee
Ada Mai Betchel
Anna Rhea Betchel
John William Grove
Etta  McGregor
George William Zechman
Marie M. McGee
James Crawford McGee
Fern  Crain
Charles Forrest Forrest Grove Jr.
Ella Mai McGee
William Lockhart Willie McGee
Ada Ann Cunningham
Samuel Franklin Frank  McGee
Willie Louella Martin
Ernest  McGee
Burten Bertie Collier
James Thomas Bottoms
Anna Belle Russell
John A. Collier
Alice Dodson Johnson
Fannie Wavie Wavie McGee
Luther H. Curtis
Ollie E. Farless
Thomas Alton Alton McGee
Gladys Lee Ford
Jessie Floyd McGee
Thomas Monroe Kell
Virgie Willene Willene McGee
Neiman T. Kell
Calhoun Tobe McGee
Ida  Curtis
Alberta Victoria Bertie McGee
Mary Elizabeth Ewton
Thomas Cleveland Cleve McGee
Ermon E. Grissom
Thomas Howard Howard McGee Sr.
Lucille Lucy Mitchell
Thomas Howard Tommy McGee Jr.
James Cecil Cecil Nelson
Edna Louise McGee
Joanne  Nelson
Gladys  Nelson
J. C. Vickers
Fred  McGee
Bessie  Thomison
Johnnie S. Bost
Miranda Jane Randy Bottoms
Joe Crawford Bottoms
Wavie Lou Crain
Clarence  Anderson
Lota  Bost
Walter H. Higginbotham
Mary Belle McGee
Amos Lowell Higginbotham
Dorothy  Gibbs
Richmond L. Farless
Hellen Beatrice McGee
1947 McGee Reunion at Shellsford

General Sources

  1. Thomas Jefferson Barnes Papers
    TSLA Mf #654, Reel #2 - McGee
  2. The Dodson Family of Warren County, Tennessee and Allied Families
    Page 10-B, 19-B
  3. 1880 Census
        Census Place:	District 5, Warren, Tennessee
        Source:	FHL Film 1255283  National Archives Film T9-1283     Page 329D
        Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
    J.E. MCGEE	Self	M	M	W	49	TN
        Occ:	Farmer	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Elizabeth MCGEE	Wife	F	M	W	42	TN
        Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    J.C. MCGEE	Son	M	S	W	21	TN
        Occ:	Log Hauling	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Polly MCGEE	Dau	F	S	W	13	TN
        Occ:	Log Hauling	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Loucindy MCGEE	Dau	F	S	W	8	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    J.I. MCGEE	Son	M	S	W	4	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Florede MCGEE	Dau	F	S	W	1	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    William LAM	Other	M	S	B	14	TN
        Occ:	Laborer	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
  4. David A. Hennessee
  5. McGee Reunion Notebook
    Correspondence from "Dock" McGee June 24, 1972


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