Millie McGee

Millie McGee

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Born: 1860
Warren Co., TN



Ellen Virginia McGee
  +William Taylor Lockhart "Lock" Hennessee
        Samuel V. Hennessee
        Elizabeth H. "Lizzie" Hennessee
        Ada Hennessee
        Mahaile Jane Hennessee
        William Martin "Martin" Hennessee
        Waymon Dennis Hennessee
        Thomas Oscar Black "Oscar" Hennessee
        Antha Pearl Hennessee
        Ellen Josephine "Nell" Hennessee
        Alton Beech "Al" Hennessee
        Millie May "May" Hennessee
  +W. T. Trig
Elza Thomas "Elzie" McGee
  +Victoria Harrison
        George Albert McGee
  +Cleo Christian
        Clarence McGee
        Thurman Elzie McGee
        Fred McGee
Audley Edward "Ed" McGee
  +Manerva Douglas
        Charles "Charlie" McGee
        William J. Bryan "Bryan" McGee
        Nannie McGee
        Martin Van Buren McGee
        Minnie Ola McGee
        Ernest McGee
        Irene McGee
Samuel Henderson McGee
  +Amanda "Mandy" McGregor
        Jesse Martin "Martin" McGee
        Martha "Mattie" L. McGee
Georgia Ann McGee
  +William Andrew "Andrew" Martin
        Noel Dee Martin
        Nellie Lee Martin
        Ethel Mae "Mae" Martin
        Clarence Ray "Ray" Martin
        Edna Fay Martin
        Samuel "Blacky" Martin
        James Elza "Whitey" Martin
        Charles Edward "Ike" Martin
        John Andrew "Johnny" Martin

Family #1


Levander P. "Poke" Meadows

Married: 21 Jul 1875
Warren County, TN

Family #2


John Maxwell

Married: 28 Feb 1886
Warren County, TN

Photo Archive

Levander P. Poke Meadows
Millie  McGee
Poke Meadows and Millie McGee Marriage Record

General Sources

  1. The Wiseman Family and Allied Lines
  2. David A. Hennessee


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