Mary Jane Moorhouse

Mary Jane Moorhouse

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Born: 24 Nov 1848

Died: 16 Feb 1890



Thomas Lawrence Smith

Married: 10 Aug 1865
Repton, Derbyshire, England


clara elizabeth smith
Clara Elizabeth Smith
joseph  smith
Joseph Smith
  +Alice Morrow
        Doris Smith
        Olga Joyce Smith
        Shirley Smith
        Prudence Smith
        Gladys Vera Smith
kate  smith
Kate Smith
bertha  smith
Bertha Smith
george  smith
George Smith

Photo Archive

Joseph  Smith
Alice  Morrow
Mary Jane Moorhouse
Sarah  McGill
Thomas Lawrence Smith
Henry  Morrow
Joseph and Alice Smith Marriage Registry

General Sources

  1. Correspondence
    Email correspondence from Karen McGee Ellis-Vant forwarding note from her 2nd Cousin Sheila (in Lancs, England) to Sharon and Dave Collie (New Zealand Cousins), July 19, 2001

    "Mary Jane died of a 'deceased womb' in 1890. (diseased)"

    Mary Jane Smith, known as Aunty Polly was baptized September 15, 1869


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