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Thurman E. McGee Jr.

Thurman E. McGee Jr.

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Photo Archive

H. Vernon McGee
Evelyn Faye McGee
John Wilbur McGee
Linda  McGee
Myra  McGee
Marvin  McGee
Thurman E. McGee Jr.
Mildred  McGee
Leah  Adams
Sara  Adams
Pam  McGee
Estelle  Cook
H. Vernon McGee Obiturary
Albert Sydney Dodson
Lucinda  McGee
John William Grove
Etta  McGregor
Clata Ray Grove
Anna Belle Grove
Luther H. Curtis
Ollie E. Farless
William Claude Collier
Fannie Wavie Wavie McGee
John A. Collier
Sarah Dodson Sadie McGee
James Thomas Bottoms
Anna Belle Russell
Clarence  Anderson
Lota  Bost
Virgie Willene Willene McGee
Neiman T. Kell
Jerre Mae McGee
Edna Louise McGee
Mary Belle McGee
Mary Charles Higginbotham
Gladys  Nelson
Evelyn  Nelson
Gladys  Bost
Amos Lowell Higginbotham
Irving  Roberts
Samuel Franklin Frank  McGee
Willie Louella Martin
Calhoun Tobe McGee
Ida  Curtis
Ernest  McGee
Burten Bertie Collier
Fred  McGee
Bessie  Thomison
Thomas Alton Alton McGee
Gladys Lee Ford
Jessie Floyd McGee
Thurman E. McGee Jr.
William Lockhart Willie McGee
Thomas Cleveland Cleve McGee
James Crawford McGee
Fern  Crain
1944 McGee Reunion at Shellsford

General Sources

  1. Tennessee Library Records
    Magness Library, McMinnville, TN - Obituary - Evelyn Faye Panter, Southern Standard, McMinnville, TN April 14, 1996
  2. David A. Hennessee
    "Hillis Family",Chapter III,by Peggy Allison,161 Rocky Top Lane,Morrison,TN 37357. Compiled from census records,Wes Dodson & Acklen's notes and annotated by Margie Tucker,circa 1988.


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