William "Will" Adrian Fredrick McGee

William "Will" Adrian Fredrick McGee

william will adrian fredrick mcgee

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Born: 19 Jan 1883

Died: 23 Dec 1927
Eden, Jerome Co., Idaho
Buried: 28 Dec 1927
Twin Falls Cemetery, Twin Falls, ID



Louise Cansady McGee
Jennie Caroline McGee
mary zelmona mona mcgee
Mary Zelmona "Mona" McGee
  +William G. Chandler
        Grandville L. Chandler
        Everett E. Chandler
        Rosco J. Chandler
        V. Ariel Chandler
        Vergie Chandler
        Elvie Chandler
        Josephine "Josie" Chandler
reathy rebecca mcgee
Reathy Rebecca McGee
  +William J. Hill
        Stella Hill
        Arthur Hill
        Adrian Ruffus Hill
john eddington mcgee
John Eddington McGee
  +Winnie Frances Thompson
        David Whitfield McGee
        Baby Girl McGee
        Ruby Vera McGee
        Eulis Wilburn McGee
        Ova Zelmona McGee
        Edna Florence McGee
        John William McGee
        Ralph Cecil "Cecil" McGee
        Ellis Eddington McGee
        Elmer Archie "Mac" McGee
        Harry Clarence McGee
        Frances Mae "Mae" McGee
  +Ethel Mae Stinnett
vada avo avo mcgee
Vada Avo "Avo" McGee
  +Edward Lonzo "Alonzo" Clingings
        Elgon P. Clingings
        Una J. Clingings
        Winnie F. Clingings
        Abby G. Clingings
        Porter Ellis "Ellis" Clingings
        Felix D. Clingings
        Rudolph W. Clingings
        Vada Emagene Clingings
        Lillie Clingings
        Jethro "J.D." Clingings
        Lonnie L. Clingings
martha mattie frances clementine mcgee
Martha "Mattie" Frances Clementine McGee
  +Grando Croffard "Croff" Cox
        Dorothy Ann Cox
        Orpha Clemetine Cox
        Viola Zada "Zada" Cox
        Grando Norman "Norman" Cox
        Margie Marie Cox
        Marion Samuel Cox
        William Harp "Harp" Cox
        John Ervin "Ervin" Cox
        Mattie Maranda Cox
        Minnie Ivo Cox
        Paul Cox



margaret frances chandler
Margaret Frances Chandler
f: Joseph C. Chandler
m: Margaret Frances Coble

Married: 10 Jul 1910
Baxter Co., AR


nelly althea mcgee
Nelly Althea McGee
  + Corbin

Photo courtesy of Jane Maynard

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William Will Adrain Fredrick McGee
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William Will Adrain Fredrick McGee
Will McGee
William Will Adrain Fredrick McGee
Margaret F. Chandler
Nelly Althea McGee
Deed: Margaret Mitchell and Althea Corbin to Richard Strain

General Sources

  1. Norman T. McGee
  2. Mary McGee's Great Bible
  3. My Limb on the Cox Tree
    Page 40 - The McGees, Will died when he was young and left no children.
  4. 1920 Census
    1920 Census - Jerome, Idaho - January 7, 1920
    |fm|sa |h# |Name              |rel             |h|s|r|age   |m|sch|rd |wri|birth    |father   |mother   |trade |type        |em|f# |twp          |pg
    |fm|177|180|McGee, William A> |Head            |R|m|w|37    |m|   |yes|yes|Tennessee|Tennessee|Tennessee|farmer|general farm|aa|87 |Eden precinct|37a
    |  |   |   |McGee, Margaret F.|Wife            | |f|w|26    |m|   |yes|yes|Akansas  |Tennessee|Arkansas |none  |            |  |   |             |
    |  |   |   |McGee, Nelly A.   |Adopted daughter| |f|w|4     |s|   |   |   |Akansas  |Arkansas |Arkansas |none  |            |  |   |             |
    |fm|340|345|McGee, John E.    |Head            |R|m|w|39    |m|   |yes|yes|Tennessee|Tennessee|Tennessee|farmer|general farm|aa|225|Eden precinct|43b
    |  |   |   |McGee, Winnie     |Wife            | |f|w|38    |m|   |yes|yes|Akansas  |Missouri |Arkansas |none  |            |  |   |             |
    |  |   |   |McGee, Ruby       |daugher         | |f|w|15    |s|yes|yes|yes|Akansas  |Tennessee|Arkansas |      |            |  |   |Eden precinct|44a
    |  |   |   |McGee, Ova        |daugher         | |f|w|11    |s|yes|yes|yes|Kansas   |Tennessee|Arkansas |      |            |  |   |             |
    |  |   |   |McGee, Edna       |daugher         | |f|w|9     |s|yes|   |   |Akansas  |Tennessee|Arkansas |      |            |  |   |             |
    |  |   |   |McGee, John       |son             | |m|w|7     |s|yes|   |   |Idaho    |Tennessee|Arkansas |      |            |  |   |             |
    |  |   |   |McGee, Cecil      |son             | |m|w|5     |s|   |   |   |Idaho    |Tennessee|Arkansas |      |            |  |   |             |
    |  |   |   |McGee, Ellis      |son             | |m|w|3     |s|   |   |   |Idaho    |Tennessee|Arkansas |      |            |  |   |             |
    |  |   |   |McGee, Elnor      |daugher         | |f|w|1 3/12|s|   |   |   |Idaho    |Tennessee|Arkansas |      |            |  |   |             |


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