Elizabeth Gibbs

Elizabeth Gibbs

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Born: 1835

Died: Dec 1896
Liberty Cemetery, Warren Co., TN

Family #1


Archibald Price Wilcher
f: Thomas Wilcher
   gf: Thomas Wilcher
   gm: Ann Walton
m: Pauline C. Gordon

Married: 15 Nov 1868


Eudora Wilcher
Sam Wilcher
Robert Harvey Wilcher
  +Allie Reynolds
        Annie Wilcher
        Reta Wilcher
        Dilland Wilcher
Pauline Wilcher
George W. Wilcher
  +Agnes L. Patterson
        Minus P. Wilcher
        Elnora Wilcher
        Leona Wilcher
        William Leslie Wilcher
        Herbert S. Wilcher
        Hollie Eugene Wilcher
        Howard Venus Wilcher
Richard Womack Wilcher
  +Birdie Mae Payne
        Richard Chester "Chester" Wilcher
        Elmus Berton Wilcher
        Jessie Aline Wilcher
        Mary Alice "Alice" Wilcher
        Thomas Earl Wilcher
        Irdell Wilcher
        Ray Beverly Wilcher
        Neva Opal Mabie Wilcher
Thomas Wilcher
  +Daisy unknown
        Barney Wilcher
        Archie Wilcher
        Tracie Wilcher
        Mabel Wilcher
        Florine Wilcher
Archibald P. Wilcher Jr.
  +Jessie E. Reynolds
        Gladys L. Wilcher
  + Webb
        Archie Pope "Pope" Wilcher
        Johnie Grace Wilcher
        Mabel Lavace "Bear" Wilcher
Bonnie Lee Wilcher
Lina Wilcher

Family #2


John O. Pepper

Married: 24 Aug 1861

General Sources

  1. The Wiseman Family and Allied Lines
  2. Tennessee Library Records
    Magness Library, McMinnville, TN, Wilcher Folder - Thomas Wilcher Jr. Family Sheet
  3. Tennessee Cemeteries
    Warren County, Tennessee Cemetery Book 2, Cemeteries Gardens of Memory through Lytle Cemetery, Annotated, by Martha Holt, Almetia Cunningham, and Betty Majors, 1994

    Page 247
  4. 1880 Census
        Census Place:	District 1, Warren, Tennessee
        Source:	FHL Film 1255283  National Archives Film T9-1283     Page 311B
        Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
    A. WILCHER	Self	M	M	W	62	TN
        Occ:	Farming	Fa: NC	Mo: NC
    Elizabeth WILCHER	Wife	F	M	W	46	TN
        Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Robt. WILCHER	Son	M	S	W	10	TN
        Occ:	At Home	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Pauline WILCHER	Dau	F	S	W	8	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    R.W. WILCHER	Son	M	S	W	6	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Thos. WILCHER	Son	M	S	W	4	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Arch WILCHER	Son	M	S	W	2	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN


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