Edward H. Pirtle

Edward H. Pirtle

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Born: 18 Sep 1827
White Co., TN



G. W. Pirtle
Stacy H. Pirtle
  +William H. Certain
        James Monroe Certain
        Nancy A. Certain
        Charles Washington Certain
        Thomas Edward Certain
        William H. Certain
        Montraville Certain
        Eliza Certain
John Lafayette Pirtle
  +Susan Jane Young
        Thomas William Pirtle
        Samuel W. Pirtle
        Bettie A. Pirtle
        Nancy E. Pirtle
        John Lawson Pirtle
        Isaac Mount Pirtle
Susannah Pirtle
Mary E. Pirtle
  +James T. Moore
        Edward Thomas Moore
        William C. Moore
        Isaac M. Moore
        Preston G. Moore
Teresa J. Pirtle
Isaac Mount Pirtle
  +Mary A. Pack
        James H. Pirtle
  +Mary Moore
  +Asenith Driver
        George W. Pirtle
        Nancy G. Pirtle
        John T. Pirtle
        Susan F. Pirtle



Rachel Young
f: James Young
m: Janey Cantrell

Married: 2 Apr 1851
DeKalb Co., TN


Martha J. Pirtle
  +James Preston Southern

General Sources

  1. Hooper Bible
  2. Norman T. McGee
    Silas Roy McGee's copy of Maggie (Hooper) Frazier's Bible - Page C
  3. James R. Blanks
    Listed as child of Jacob Pirtle and Jane Hooper
    Listed as child of Isaac C. Pirtle and Nancy G.E. Hooper


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