John Jacob Pirkle

John Jacob Pirkle

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Born: 1725

Died: 3 Mar 1810
Rockingham Co., NC

Family #1


Charity Dibbs


John Pirkle
Nathaniel Pirkle
Jacob Pirkle
  +Elizabeth Saunders
Jesse Pirkle
Samuel Pirkle
William Pirkle
  +Sarah Cantrell
George Pirtle
  + unknown
        Mary Pirtle
        Jacob L. Pirtle
        Elizabeth Pirtle
        Jesse Elijah Pirtle
  + Cantrell
        Isaac C. Pirtle
  +Mary Cooke
        Susanah Pirtle
        Nancy Pirtle
        Charity Pirtle
        Sarah Pirtle
        Charlotte Pirtle
        George W. Pirtle
        William G. Pirtle
        Lucinda Pirtle
        Robert Cooke Pirtle
  +Leah Lay
Elijah Pirkle
  +Mary unknown

Family #2


Mary Tanner

Married: 7 Jul 1808
Rockingham Co., NC

General Sources

  1. James R. Blanks
  2. James S. Pirtle
  3. James S. Pirtle
    Pedigree Chart of Pirtle Family - July 26, 2001
  4. Correspondence
    Correspondence from DJ Melton on November 14, 2005.

    Many sources give Holland as the birthplace of John Pirkle, but he was probably not born there. More likely he departed by ship from Holland.
  5. Correspondence
    Email communication from Barbara Pirtle Gridley on December 10, 2005

    I am noting here that in the history of the Pirtle's of Hardeman County, Tenn.
    There is mention of a John Jacob Pirkle who passed away leaving his property to be divided among eight sons.

      George (whose name became Pirtle)

      John Pirkle

      Nathaniel Pirkle

      Jacob Pirkle

      Jesse Pirkle

      Samuel Pirkle

      William Pirkle

       As the date of death is 1808-1811 and all the eight sons names match that of John Jacob Pirkle who was listed as born in Holland in the year 1725 and died in 1810, and whose wifes name is Charity Dibbs matching that of our John Jacob Pirkle First born in America in Pennsylvania of Parents Jacob Birkle and wife Dorothea .

    Then it is plain that this man was not born in Holland, but was born in the year 1834 in Penn. Therefore is a descendant of the Birckles of Baden, from Germany.

    I thank you for giving me this opportunity to make this correction. Barbara Pirtle Gridley


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