John Pirtle to Jacob L. Pirtle Deed

John Pirtle to Jacob L. Pirtle Deed

White Co., TN
September 27, 1837


White County Tennessee
Deed Book M, 1840-1842
Pages 201-202

John Pirtle	 |
      to		 |
Jacob L. Pirtle	 |     This Indenture made the 27th day of September in the 
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven 37 between John 
Pirtle of the one part and Jacob L. Pirtle of the other part both of the 
County of White and State of Tennessee.  Witnesseth that the said John Pirtle 
for and in consideration of the sum of Four hundred Dollars to him in hand 
paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath given, granted, 
bargained, sold and conveyed unto the said L. Pirtle, his heirs and assigns a 
certain tracts or parcels of Land containing in one Survey forty acres.  One 
more survey of One hundred and fifty six acres and 64 poles.  Also another 
parcel containing Fifty acres all nearly adjoining to each other & all lying 
in White County and on the waters of Taylors Creek.  The first beginning at a 
black oak, running thence west eighty poles to a black oak, thence south 
eighty poles to a black oak, thence East eight poles to a black oak, thence 
north 80 to the beginning.  The second beginning as follows To wit: Beginning 
at a Peach tree, running thence west one hundred and eighty four poles to two 
post oaks, thence north one hundred and sixty six poles to a small white oak 
and post oak, thence east one hundred and eighty four poles to a stake two 
post oaks, black oak and black jack pointers, thence south one hundred and 
thirty poles to the Beginning.  A third survey of Fifty acres Beginning at a 
Survey of Crowder entered by Jacob L. Pirtle the north west corner,  running 
East with this line to its corner at the Potts Branch, thence north to the 
said John Pirtles corner of a forty acre track, thence west with that line to 
its corner and five poles past its corner, thence north to the branch, thence 
to said Potts line of one hundred and fifty six survey, thence west with that 
line to a black oak on that line, thence South to Vermillions land, thence 
East to the forty acre line of said Pirtle, thence south with said line to 
the beginning the whole Lands with these courses containing two hundred 46 
acres more or less.  The said John Pirtle conveys to the said Jacob L. 
Pirtle.  To have and to hold the aforesaid tracks of Land with all and 
singular, the rights profits emulments hereditaments and appurtenances in any 
wise appertaining to the only purposes and behoof of him the said L. Pirtle 
his heirs and assigns forever for himself his heirs & assigns doth covenant 
and agree with the said L. Pirtle that the before receipted Land bargained 
premises he will warrant and forever defend from the claim of himself his 
heirs or assigns and from each and every person or persons whomsoever.  In 
testimony whereof the said John Pirtle hath hereunto set his hand and affixed 
his seal the day and date above written.  Signed Sealed and delivered in the 
presence of us.
Test	George Pirtle		|
	           his		|						John Pirtle   
	Milton X Paskell		|
	          mark		|

State of Tennessee	|
White County		|     Personally appeared before me Nicholas Oldham 
clerk of White County Court John Pirtle the above named conveyor with whom I 
am personally acquainted and who acknowledged the due execution of the within 
deed for the purposes therein contained which is

 recorded.  Witness my hand at office the 6th November 1839.
								Test	N. Oldham   Clerk
									of White County Court

Registered the 6th day of April A.D. 1841.
					Test	N. Oldham Deputy of
					R. Smith Register White County

										Transcribed By:
										James R. Blanks
										114 Somerset Lane
										Tullahoma, TN 
										August 16, 2001


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