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James K. Pirtle

James K. Pirtle

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Born: 26 Apr 1846
White or Coffee Co., TN

Died: 9 Dec 1923
Rutherford Co., TN





Martha Rociety Summers
f: David Summers
m: Jane Pirtle

Married: 22 Dec 1870
Rutherford Co., TN


Rebecca A. Pirtle
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        Zada Belle Warrick
        Mattie S. Warrick
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Bessie Palestine Pirtle
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Charlie P. Pirtle
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        Ella M. Todd
        Mary Pearl Todd
        Rausy Lou Todd
        Mazy Sue Todd
Lonnie Pirtle
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        Lillie Harrell
        Mattie Harrell
        Hattie Harrell
        Posey C. Harrell
        Evie Harrell
        James Harrell
        Mary Lou Harrell
        Hollis D. Harrell
Minnie Pirtle
  +Charlie E. Lowe
Olevia "Leavie" Pirtle
  +Charlei E. Lowe
        Paul S. Lowe
        Mildred Lowe
        Katherine Lowe
        Erline Caroline Lowe
        Ura Lowe
        Bonnie Lowe

General Sources

  1. James R. Blanks
  2. 1850 Census
    1850 Coffee County, TN Census
    |h# |f# |name            |age |s|occu  |birth    |twp         |pg |dt
    |172|172|Purtle, Robert  |29  |m|Farmer|Tennessee|2nd District|13b|September 12, 1850
    |   |   |Purtle, Caroline|20  |f|      |Tennessee|            |   |
    |   |   |Purtle, James   |4   |m|      |Tennessee|            |   |
    |   |   |Purtle, Watson  |2   |m|      |Tennessee|            |   |
    |   |   |Purtle, Nancy   |5/12|f|      |Tennessee|            |   |


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