Stacy H. Pirtle

Stacy H. Pirtle

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Born: ABT 1830
White Co., TN

Died: 1866/1870
DeKalb Co., TN



Edward H. Pirtle
  +Rachel Young
        Martha J. Pirtle
G. W. Pirtle
John Lafayette Pirtle
  +Susan Jane Young
        Thomas William Pirtle
        Samuel W. Pirtle
        Bettie A. Pirtle
        Nancy E. Pirtle
        John Lawson Pirtle
        Isaac Mount Pirtle
Susannah Pirtle
Mary E. Pirtle
  +James T. Moore
        Edward Thomas Moore
        William C. Moore
        Isaac M. Moore
        Preston G. Moore
Teresa J. Pirtle
Isaac Mount Pirtle
  +Mary A. Pack
        James H. Pirtle
  +Mary Moore
  +Asenith Driver
        George W. Pirtle
        Nancy G. Pirtle
        John T. Pirtle
        Susan F. Pirtle


General Sources

  1. Tennessee Cemeteries
    Warren County, Tennessee Cemetery Book 4, Neal Cemetery to Youngblood Cemetery, annotated, by Marth Holt, Almetia Cunningham, and Betty Majors, Page 98
  2. Charles Leonard Papers
    TSLA Mf #1421 Reel #5 - Pirtle
  3. Norman T. McGee
    Silas Roy McGee's copy of Maggie (Hooper) Frazier's Bible - Page B, lists name as Stace Pirtle, birth July 1, 1881
  4. James R. Blanks


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