Ethel Reed

Ethel Reed

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Born: 23 Jun 1910

Died: 25 Jun 1968
Quality Ridge Cemetery, Baxter Co., AR


Photo Archive

Joshua  Thompson
Ethel  Reed
Joshua and Ethel Reed Thompson Gravestone

General Sources

  1. Margie Garr
    Hatch Match & Dispatch, Vol. 3, transcribed from "The Baxter Bulletin"

    March 2, 1928, page 62: A double wedding took place at the Jess Dover home on Sunday. Joshua Thompson married Ethel Reed and Randolph Dover married Erma Webber.
  2. Margie Garr
    Hatch Match & Dispatch, Vol. 7, transcribed from "The Baxter Bulletin"

    September 11, 1942, page 50, "Aunt" Sarah Chandler is now making her home with her niece, Mrs. Joshua Thompson and family.


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