Luvenia "Lou" Stone

Luvenia "Lou" Stone

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Born: Aug 1875

Died: BEF Apr 1910



Mart Stone



anderson whitfield thompson
Anderson Whitfield Thompson
f: Richard Thompson
   gf: Sanders Thompson
   gm: Isabella Dossett
m: Frances L. Ballard
   gf: Bennett D. Ballard
   gm: Barbara Thornhill

Married: 25 Nov 1904
Baxter Co., AR


deliah  thompson
Deliah Thompson
  +William Dyer
bertha mae thompson
Bertha Mae Thompson
  +Horace Studdard
        Otto Studdard
        Elmer Studdard
        Ernie Studdard
        Wanda Studdard
        Billy Wayne Studdard
        Bobby Studdard
        Carl Studdard
        Don Studdard

Photo Archive

Anderson Whitfield Thompson
Luvenia Lou Stone
Anderson Thompson and Lou Stone Marriage License
Anderson Whitfield Thompson
Debra Ina Failner
Amanda Mandy Ann Morris
John  Morris
Winnie Emaline Kilpatrick
Jennie Florence Clark
Luvenia Lou Stone
Johann John Failner
Rose Florence Thompson
Anderson Whitfield Thompson Family
Anderson Whitfield Thompson
Luvenia Lou Stone
Warranty Deed: Anderson and Lue Thompson to Lizzie Gilbert

General Sources

  1. Debbie Wilkins
    email communication of May 23, 2002
  2. Arkansas Marriages
    Baxter County, Arkansas Marriage Records
    LDS Film #1031147 Item #2
    Page 447
    J. T. Jones signe as security
    A.W. Thompson of Pigeon Twp, age 47
    Miss Lou Stone of Logan Twp, age 28
  3. 1900 Census
    1900 Baxter County, Arkansas Census - June 1900
    |hn |fn |Name          |rel     |r|s|birth    |ag|m |y|n|l|birth         |father        |mother        |occu  |rd |wri|eng|o|f|h|f# |twp  |pg
    |143|143|Stone, Mart   |head    |w|m|July 1833|66|wd| | | |South Carolina|South Carolina|North Carolina|Farmer|yes|yes|yes|O|F|F|118|Logan|50
    |   |   |Stone, Luvenia|daughter|w|f|Aug 1875 |24|m |3|1|1|Tennessee     |South Carolina|North Carolina|      |yes|yes|yes| | | |   |     |
    |   |   |Stone, Howard |g-son   |w|m|Feb 1898 |2 |s | | | |Arkansas      |Tennessee     |Tennessee     |      |   |   |   | | | |   |     |


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