James M. White

James M. White

james m. white

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Born: 9 Apr 1891

Died: 11 Jan 1970
Quality Ridge Cemetery, Baxter Co., AR



Hershchel White

Photo courtesy of Jane Maynard

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General Sources

  1. My Limb on the Cox Tree
    Page 47 - The McGees, Never married
  2. 1920 Census
    1920 Baxter County, Arkansas Census - January 1920
    |farm|hn|fn|Name             |rel |h|f|s|r|Ag|m|rd |wr|birth    |Father   |Mother   |eng|trade  |Type of busines|f#|twp   |pg#
    |farm|71|71|White, Charles F.|head|0|f|m|w|61|m|no |no|Missouri |Georgia  |Georgia  |yes|farmer |general farming|73|Pigeon|231b
    |    |  |  |White, Tine      |wife| | |f|w|65|m|yes|no|Tennessee|Tennessee|Tennessee|yes|none   |               |  |      |
    |    |  |  |White, James M.  |son | | |m|w|28|s|no |no|Arkansas |Missouri |Tennessee|yes|laborer|home farm      |  |      |
  3. 1930 Census
    1930 Baxter County, Arkansas Census - April, 1930
    |hn|fn|Name        |rel |f  |S|R|Ag|m|sc|rd |birth   |Father  |Mother  |eng|trade    |Type of |w |y  |v |f#|twp   |pg#
    |29|31|White, James|Head|yes|m|w|39|s|no|yes|Arkansas|Missouri|Missouri|yes|Day Labor|odd jobs|we|yes|no|24|Pigeon|78a
  4. Margie Garr
    Hatch Match & Dispatch, Vol. 9, transcribed from "The Baxter Bulletin"

    December 23, 1948, page 67, Mrs. Mat [Martha Francis] Cox died Thursday and was buried at Quality Ridge Cemetery. She is survived by a sistor, Mrs. Avo Clingings of Barnstall, OK, a brother, Jim White of Cardwell, MO, four daughters: Mrs. Sadie Dover, Mrs. Marjorie Thacker, Mrs. Mattie Jones, Mrs. Minnie Russell, and four suns, Norman Cox, Harp Cox, Ervin Cox, and Paul Cox. [Mrs. Cox's given names from Card of Thanks]


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