Lucy Forrest Will - 3

Lucy Forrest Will - 3

Lucy  Wilcher Martin Van Buren McGee
Warren Co., TN
November 6, 1865


Warren County 
Roll #84
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Inventories and Settlements
Vol: 4-6 Feb 1863 � Sep 1880

County Court Clerk's Office
Wills and Inventories
Vol 4
Feb 1863 � Sept 1870

Page 249

Will of Lucy Forrest : Dec'd

I Lucy Forrest of the County of Warren & State of Tennessee do publish & make 
the following as my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills 
heretofore made by me.
1st I give and bequeath to my daughter Nancy Earles Fourteen Hundred dollars, 
the interest of which is to be used by her during her life at her death the principal 
or the said sum of Fourteen Hundred dollars is to be equally divided among her 
children surviving her and the children of any one of her said children who may 
die before her death. In other words I want her children if they should all be living 
at her death to take equal share of said money, but in case any of her said 
children should die before her death  leaving issue shall take the interest of said 
dec'd child or children the same as it or she would have done if living at the death 
of said Nancy Earles; I also appoint John L. Spurlock trustee for the management 
of said fund for said Nancy Earles during her life  & at her death to be accounted 
for to the beneficiaries above named; in case of said Spurlocks removal from the 
County or any contingency that presents him from discharging the trust, I want 
him to place said fund in the hands of some trustworthy person who is to manage 
the same as the said Spurlock is hereinabove directed.
Item Second:
	I give and bequeath to my daughter Martha Drake one Hundred Dollars in 
addition to the real estate I have given to her & her children, said real Estate was 
designed to be conveyed by deed to her for life & at her death to go to her 
children & at their death to her grandchildren. My object is to transmit it to my 
great grand children giving each preceding parent the benefit of the same during 
life. I also give and bequeath to my said daughter Martha Drake a Negro boy 
named John about ten years of age, whom she now has in her possession & is to 
keep & use during her life for her exclusive use & benefit during her life free from 
the control or dominion of her husband in any respect whatever & at her death to 
be sold & the proceeds to be equally divided among her children in being & the 
issue of such as may be dead in case the death of any of them should occur 
previous to her death.
	Item 3: I want all of the property I may have on hand sold and my debts 
collected and of the proceeds I want said Martha Drakes children th have twelve 
hundred dollars if there be that amount remaining after the payment of the 
legacies herein above specified, but as I have given John McGee five Hundred 
dollars & Joseph McGee owes me ninety dollars for a still & James McGee 
seventy dollars for a horse, I want the balance of said Martha Drakes children 
made equal with them in proportion to the respective amounts they have 
received before they get any of said Twelve Hundred dollars, or any part of my 
	Item 4: In the division of the Fourteen Hundred dollars hereinbefore 
bequeathed to the said Nancy Earles, I want William Earles charged with Five 
hundred dollars I have already given him, and Richmond Earles with Four 
Hundred dollars which I have likewise given him, & the rest of said Nancy's 
children I want made equal with them before they receive any portion of said 
Fourteen hundred dollars, or any part of my estate.
	Item 5: after the foregoing bequests are satisfied if there be any thing 
remaining I want it equally divided among the children of my two daughters, the 
children of each daughter to represent their respective parents upon the principal 
herein before laid down among said sits if children respectively.
	Item 6: I hereby appoint John L. Spurlock & James Spurlock the Executors 
of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my 
hand & seal
Martin McGee	}				Lucy Forrest { SEAL }
Samuel H. Evans	}
James M. Evans	}

State of Tennessee 	}	Nov Term 1865
Warren County	}	this day this will
			}	was presented in open court and offered fro probate 
whereupon it was duly proven by the oaths of James M and Saml  H. Evans 
attesting witnesses, and ordered to be recorded; Witness my hand at office this 6 
Nov 1865
				Sam Hendersen Clk
				By J. H. Robison D Clerk


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