Thomas Wilcher

Thomas Wilcher

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Born: ABT 1813
Warren Co., TN

Died: 1853
Amite, MS



Thomas Wilcher
f: Thomas Wilcher
m: Ann Walton

Pauline C. Gordon


Clarissa Wilcher
  +Joseph H. Bragg
        Patrick H. Bragg
        Nancy A. Bragg
        Paulina Bragg
        Richard M. Bragg
        Joseph Bragg
        Archibald Bragg
        Mary Bragg
        Samuel M. Bragg
        Clarisse Bragg
Elizabeth Wilcher
Nancy Ann Wilcher
  +Wiley Riggs
        Elizabeth A. Riggs
        Thomas Watson Riggs
        George Tillman Riggs
        William A. Riggs
        Hardy R. Riggs
William Walton Wilcher
  +Rebecca Clark
        Thomas Wilcher
        George Wilcher
        Julia Frances Wilcher
        Cherokee Delonega Wilcher
        Christeen P. Wilcher
        William A. Wilcher
        Mary E. Wilcher
        Georgianna Wilcher
Amanda Wilcher
  +George Jackson
Archibald Price Wilcher
  +Elizabeth Gibbs
        Eudora Wilcher
        Sam Wilcher
        Robert Harvey Wilcher
        Pauline Wilcher
        George W. Wilcher
        Richard Womack Wilcher
        Thomas Wilcher
        Archibald P. Wilcher Jr.
        Bonnie Lee Wilcher
        Lina Wilcher
Christian Wilcher
  +Thomas Morrison
        Samuel T. Morrison
George Walton Wilcher



Jane White

Married: 27 Feb 1844
Amite, MS


Virginia Wilcher
William Wilcher
Mary Paulina Wilcher
  +Charles Dumont
        Della Dumont
        Robert Elton Dumont
        Jennie Dumont
George W. Wilcher
  +Mary unknown
        William Carl Wilcher
John T. Wilcher
Thomas Clinton Wilcher
  +Willia Ann Teague
        William Thomas Wilcher
        Claudis N. Wilcher
        Annie Virginia Wilcher
        Vera Wilcher
        Bessie Mae Wilcher
        Nobie Wilcher
        Eddie A. Wilcher
        George Dee Wilcher
        Alfred D. Wilcher

General Sources

  1. The Wiseman Family and Allied Lines
  2. Linda Hammontree Hollenshead


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