Thomas Wilcher

Thomas Wilcher

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Born: ABT 1740

Died: 8 Aug 1816
Warren Co., TN
Buried: 16 Aug 1816
Liberty Cemetery, Warren Co., TN



Ann Walton
f: William Walton
m: Susannah Cobb


Sarah Wilcher
  +James David Hennessee
        Thomas Hennessee
        Archibald Wilcher Hennessee
        Patrick Samuel Hennessee
        Alsey J. Hennessee
        Alfred Hennessee
        Alexander Hennessee
        Henry Hennessee
Nancy Wilcher
  + Chambers
        Henry Chambers
        Rachel Chambers
  +George Damron Staton
        John Staton
        George D. Staton Jr.
        Nancy Staton
        Polly Staton
        Carey Ann Staton
        Wilbur Staton
        Thomas W. Staton
Elizabeth Wilcher
  +John Harper
Lucy Wilcher
  +Joseph England
        Alexander W. England
        Nancy England
        Martha England
  +Richard Albert Forrest
Thomas Wilcher
  +Pauline C. Gordon
        Clarissa Wilcher
        Elizabeth Wilcher
        Nancy Ann Wilcher
        William Walton Wilcher
        Amanda Wilcher
        Archibald Price Wilcher
        Christian Wilcher
        George Walton Wilcher
        Thomas Wilcher
Winifred Wilcher
  +William Brassell
        Matilda Brassell
Kitriece Wilcher
  +Thomas Vaughn
        Mary Vaughn
        Thomas Vaughn Jr.
        Aaron Vaughn
        Sterling Vaughn
        Alberto Vaughn
Christian Wilcher
  + North
Archibald P. Wilcher

Photo Archive

Thomas  Wilcher
Clara and Wilbur Park

General Sources

  1. Moses Park (1738-1828) His Descendants and Related Families Vaughan and Wilcher
    Page 254, ref Warren Co., TN Deed Vol 1, Book D pp. 412-415
    Ref. Deed Vol 1, Book I, P. 16
    Thomas Wilcher and Anne lived in Amherst County, VA before 1789 - Ref Amherst Co., VA Deed Book C, pp. 76, 104, 216; Book E, p 120; Court Oders
    Thomas and Anne lived in Burk Co., NC after 1789 before moving to White Co., TN, Ref: Warren Co., TN Deed Vol 1, Book C. pp 126-127
    Page 261: Executors sold Thomas Wilcher's deceased land in Burke County NC on a deed dated Nov. 25, 1818, the land was granted to Thomas Wilcher on June 7, 1799. Ref: Warren County Deed Vol I Bk C, pp. 126-127
  2. Thomas Jefferson Barnes Papers
    TSLA Mf #654, Reel #3 - Wilcher
  3. David A. Hennessee


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