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This cemetery information is provided through the generosity of the transcriber, Mr. K. T. H. McFarland. 
The sections shown in the picture are arbitrary and are not official section designations.  These section designations were used as a means of methodically transcribing the headstone information in a comprehensive manner.  This transcription has over 5,000 entries. The table below the picture is divided into the arbitrary section identifiers and the information is alphabetized by last name within those sections to retain corresponding headstone information.  Our home page has a Free Find search function that can be used to obtain a list of all occurrences of a particular surname. The information contained in the transcription is as it appeared on the headstones  in the  Summer of 1990.  Use this information for your family research as a guide and visit the cemetery and headstone at your convenience for the updated information.  Thank you.
Information is not to be used or copied for commercial purposes or financial gain.

This cemetery was originally named the Clever Cemetery, part of the Clever Family's numerous farm properties in the area of then Robinson Township.