McKees Rocks Genealogy and History

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Files of Interest

These directories are images and as such are not searchable through the Free Find search feature on the home page. 

1898 Directory of McKees Rocks

1907 Address Directory of McKees Rocks

1915 Address Directory of McKees Rocks

1950's Directory of McKees Rocks
This is a phone directory.  If the household did not have a phone installed it was most probably left off the directory.

1922 Red Cross Directory of volunteers
 (McKees Rocks Branch)
Adobe Reader required!

1936 Rox Rocket (Mother's Day Edition)
Large File - Adobe Reader required.

1904 St. Mary's Home Manual and Reference Book
Large File - Adobe Reader required.

West Park Lots
Sales Pamphlet for the new(now old) West Park Plan
Tips and Tricks for Researchers

Places to look for clues to your ancestors.

Google - Google their name in the search engine because sometimes other researchers may have posted on a webpage. Try just the last name unless it is a very common one. Add qualifiers like +McKees Rocks or +Allegheny to limit the scope of your search. Search in Google Books also as more and more books are being added and some can even be viewed in their entirety online.

Mailing Lists and message boards can be fruitful when searching for your ancestors. Don't limit your search to just the Surname lists and boards. The county and other surrounding counties of the ancestor you are searching for can many times provide leads. Even in the early part of the 1900's, people moved around, especially when looking for work. Strange as it may seem, people born in one county decided to be buried in another. Newspapers supporting both counties many times carried the obituary.

More tips and tricks.