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In 1749, a Captain Celeron, was sent under orders by the Governor General of all of France to survey the land attached to the Beautiful River (The Ohio) and to lay leaden markers at points along the way as a way of asserting French rights to the land.
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McKees Rocks and Stowe Township had numerous schools over the years. Some of the Churches had schools as well as the public provided schools. Go to the Schools page to check these out.

Memories - Some of our visitors have memories they wanted to share.  Go HERE to see them!
Indian Mound
McKees Rocks is host to the site of  a Native burial mound thought to be from the Adena people, mound builders.

A Pennsylvania Historical Marker was placed here May 18,  2002 by a joint effort of the community and the Heinz History Center.  The marker text reads:

Largest Native American burial mound in Western PA., (16 ft. high and 85 ft wide). It was hand-built by the Adena people between 200BC and 100 AD and later used by the Hopewell and Monongahela people. Late 19th century excavations uncovered thirty-three skeletons and artifacts made of copper and shells.

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McKees Rocks had many churches that represented the diverse ethnic population as it grew in early times. Follow this link for the list. Church.
Penny Incline (Norwood Incline)
Seeking additional information or photos on the Penny Incline which was in operation from 1901-1923. The incline was located at Island Ave near Adrian St and traversed to Desiderio Way between McKinney Ave and Highland Ave.
Historic Business Establishments

Listing of businesses of yesterday and yesteryear.  We will continue to populate the list and provide additional information as time goes by. 

Please go here to see the list.  If you have information or photos of area businesses that you wish to share please submit via email on the contact page.  Thank you!


We are collecting High School Yearbooks to aid in everybody's research. Currently we have the following Yearbooks.

McKees Rocks High - 1941, 1942, 1945, 1946, 1949
St. Francis De Sales High -
St. Mary's High -
Stowe High -
Sto-Rox High - 1974, 1975
Davis Mahan - Mahan and Wright

We are looking to compile a collection of photos and information regarding  Davis Mahan and Mahan and Wright Studios that served the McKees Rocks area in the late 1800's and early 1900's.
If you have anything please contact us.  Thank you.
The McKee's of McKees Rocks

Here is where I will be adding photos and information about the McKee family that were the first settlers in McKees Rocks.

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