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Francis Makemie Irish Stamp

Probably the most common result when one Google's images for Francis Makemie is the 1984 stamp issued by the Ireland as part of their Religious Anniversaries series. The commemorative stamp has the usually includes the following description: "300th anniversary of the ordination of Francis Makemie, founder of American Presbyterianism".

The likeness of Francis Makemie on the Irish stamp is taken from a painting by Henry Alexander Ogden. Ogden painted Makemie's appearance before Lord Cornbury in New York during the trial of 1707.

Kirk Mariner has a lovely write up about Francis in his book, True Tales of the Eastern Shore1. You can read it at the Francis Makemie Society website. Here Mr. Mariner describes the likely process by which the image we see and know as Francis Makemie today came about. (Direct link to the PDF attachment available at the FMS site.)

Makemie Stamp Info Makemie Stamp Makemie Stamp Makemie Stamp

Note: The above images were contributed to this site by Barbara Haumesser. The last I found on E-Bay!