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HelenaBowenConnery.jpg (88329 bytes) Youngm~1.jpg (59043 bytes) maryto~1.jpg (45381 bytes) Conner~2.jpg (98865 bytes)
Helena Maria Bohan Connery, Native of Bansha, Co Tipperary, Ireland, Died in Bristol, R.I., November 20, 1877, Aged 70 Years (St Mary's of the Bay Cem., Warren, R.I.) Mary Tobin Connery (1836-1896) Mary Tobin Connery (1836-1896) - I am starting to wonder if this woman isn't Helena Bowen Connery - 1807-1877 (mother-in-law of Mary Tobin Connery) or is she the same person in the photo to the left? Children of Mary Tobin & Wm. Martin Connery (standing) Francis, James, Michael, John & Vincent; (seated) Joseph, Catherine, Elizabeth, Ellen, Helena & Henry ca. 1915
Lorett~3.jpg (24393 bytes) lorett~1.jpg (11918 bytes) Lorett~2.jpg (32112 bytes) Lorett2~1.jpg (37791 bytes)
Loretta Connery (1888-1963) Loretta, Will & Helen Connery (Children of J. P. Connery and Mariah O'Donnell) Loretta Connery (1888-1963) Loretta Connery (1888-1963)
YoungJpconn~1.jpg (19527 bytes) Jamesp~2.jpg (22722 bytes) Jpconn~2.jpg (23944 bytes) Maria(~1.jpg (21599 bytes)
J. P. Connery (1865-1929) J. P. Connery (1865-1929) J. P. Connery (1865-1929) Mariah O'Donnell Connery (1862-1932)
ConHellieDriving.jpg (76771 bytes) Jamesp~1.jpg (93387 bytes) CarJamesp~1.jpg (38214 bytes) Conner~1.jpg (36047 bytes)
Mariah Connery (front passenger) and her daughters:  Hellie (driver), Gert and Loretta; and sister-in-law Elizabeth Connery  J. P. Connery Office - Miami Coal Company? J. P Connery driving Connery Home, 2933 Washington Blvd, Chicago (Sullivans lived across the street at 2950 Washington Blvd)
Willco~1.jpg (54867 bytes) Willdu~1.jpg (144678 bytes) Wjconn~1.jpg (157981 bytes) ConneryGirlsPalms.jpg (124143 bytes)
Will Connery (1886-1974) Will Connery, Pasadena, CA Will Connery, maybe Riverside, MI, Connery summer place Gert, Mariah O'Donnell Connery, Hellie, Loretta
wmjconnerybaby.jpg (27047 bytes) connerymikemaybe.jpg (112288 bytes) conneryofc.jpg (97786 bytes) mariatodonnellflacal.jpg (89126 bytes)
Will Connery Connery Office Connery Office
yosemitewillc.jpg (122606 bytes) connerywomenyosemite.jpg (118152 bytes) lcschild.jpg (55678 bytes) lcschild2.jpg (67327 bytes)
Looks like the J P Connerys went to Yosemite - Will Connery?  Maria T Connery and "the Three Graces" - Loretta, Hellie & Gert  Loretta Connery Loretta Connery

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