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The Sullivan family originated near Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland and emigrated to Belvidere, Boone Co, Illinois about 1853, later settling in Chicago.l

Sullivan Homes
Sullivans at Play
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Eugene William Sullivan 1837 (Kenmare, Co Kerry) -1886 Mary O'Sullivan (wife of Eugene) 1839 (Kenmare, Co Kerry) -1893 Mary O'Sullivan, wife of Eugene (1839-1893)
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Boetious Henry Sullivan (abt 1835-1869), brother of Eugene, and wife Catherine Palmer (1842-1913) Family of Boetious Henry Sullivan Boetious (1859-1910) , Roger (1861-1920) & John Sullivan (abt 1864-1941), sons of Mary & Eugene
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Michael William Quinlan (Quinlivan) (1807-1904) Mary Breslin (Bresnahan) (1819-1901_ Helen Quinlan Sullivan (wife of Roger C.) & Daughters (Helen, Mary, Frances & Virginia)  ca. 1898
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Roger Charles Sullivan, son of Mary & Eugene (1861-1920)  sulrogcoclk2.jpg (27666 bytes) Virginia, Helen, Bo, Frances, Mary with Parents Roger C. & Helen Sullivan (abt 1910) 
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Boetius Henry Sullivan (1885-1961) Loretta Connery (1888-1963) Sullivan Wedding 27 Dec 1911 Standing L to R: Leo Cummings, Bob Wolf, Marie O'Keefe Gorman, Josephine Ryan Murphy, Mary Wolf, Vin Connery, Harry Furlong, Loretta Connery Sullivan, Helen McCarty, Gert Fallon.  Seated L to R:  John P. Hopkins, William J Connery, Boetius H Sulivan
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Mary, Jane, Helen & Roger C. Sullivan II ca. 1921  Roger, Helen, Mary, Boe & Jane Sullivan ca. 1925 Roger Sullivan, Children & Grandchildren, ca. 1914

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