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The Rogers family originated in Co Louth, Ireland and emigrated to Watertown, Jefferson County, New York probably sometime duirng the 1820s.  Philip Rogers went to Chicago, Cook County, Illinois about 1834 and married Mary Ward Masterson, widow of James Fox Hickey about 1841.

OLMargar~2.jpg (183380 bytes) Masterson~1.jpg (19049 bytes) crogers~1.jpg (16831 bytes) TouPatric~1.jpg (15423 bytes)
Margaret T. Masterson (1810-1900), wife of John O'Leary (1805-1885) Mary Ward Masterson (1802-1890), wife of Philip Rogers (1812-1856)  Catherine Rogers Touhy (1843-1916), daughter of Mary Masterson Rogers  Patrick Leonard Touhy (1839-1911), husband of Catherine Rogers
Edmck&~1.jpg (57233 bytes) alicebtyoungwoman.jpg (49532 bytes) alicebeatrucetouhygirl.jpg (15095 bytes) Pltouh~1.jpg (28117 bytes)
Mary Masterson Rogers & her look-alike Great Grandson Ed Alice Beatrice Touhy (or a sister) Alice Touhy (1878-1963) Portrait  of P. L. Touhy, donated to Chicago Historical Society
allietouhytoddler.jpg (109738 bytes) SteveRTouhy.jpg (60676 bytes) pltouhyandpriestdpolearymaybe.jpg (71345 bytes) TouhySon.jpg (11225 bytes)
Allie Touhy (I think) Stephen Rogers Touhy (brother of Alice) P L Touhy & Priest (maybe David P O'Leary) Touhy Son, which one?
touhyson2.jpg (28666 bytes) touhyson3.jpg (51774 bytes) touhyson5.jpg (13669 bytes) touhyson6.jpg (36919 bytes)
Touhy Son (which one?) Touhy Son (which one?) Touhy Son (which one?) Touhy Son (which one?) or is this a Priest? 
PhilipRogersstonecalvary.jpg (71353 bytes) Touhy Rogers Home Clark St crths urn.jpg (311686 bytes) touhyhorseurn.jpg (72362 bytes) davidpolearyIthink.jpg (71089 bytes)
Philip Rogers Grave, Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, Illinois Touhy home "The Oaks", Clark St, Rogers Park, IL Touhy home, urn came from Chicago courthouse after the Great Fire Rev David Philip O'Leary (1853-1919), son of Margaret Masterson

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