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This Genealogy work is dedicated to my mother

My mother had a great love for her family and a “GOOD MYSTERY”! We who become involved or hooked on genealogy know “GENEALOGY SEARCHES ARE GOOD MYSTERIES!

I must confess when my mother tried to get me involved in genealogy many years ago, I almost ran from her. Shame on me, I was not the best listening ear at all. Enough said, I have now printed 15 books concerning family genealogy and other related material.

I am a Descendant of McKinstrys of Anamosa, Iowa and the Wilsons of Knoxville, Iowa.

"Cradle of all who walk this planet".

My life or blood line began with my mother a Wilson and my father a McKinstry and of course I have many other blood lines flowing in my veins. Some of those blood lines are— Flemming— Wilcutt— Bartlett— Hurst— Scott— Phillip— Gregory and no doubt thousands more.

It is my hopes to share a few photos, and tell a few stories as well as some of the genealogy of family. I also hope to find the parents of a Michael L. Wilson. We can not prove it but he came from Kentucky and his mother may have been a Latterback or Lotterback. There is much more but this is my beginning of my new learning curve with the web.

Grandpa Jim


 Here are some of my favorite websites: http://freepages.family.rootsweb.com/~ewilcut/index.html

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