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The Todd Families of America, Ireland, and Scotland

The Story of this Site and How to Use It (click here)(READ ME FIRST!)

This Website seeks to:

  1. provide a resource of basic data (deeds, wills, tax lists, vital records) on Todds in many states and counties in America to help family historians in compiling a well-documented family history of their specific Todd lines.
  2. inform the reader about the Todd families of Ireland, Scotland, and England, especially as relates to finding the location of the ancestral homestead of the American families
  3. provide answers to a number of thorny genealogical puzzles that have perplexed Todd historians for generations.
If you have a genealogical brick wall, contact me and I will help you. [email protected].

This page is organized into five sections:

  • Section 1: Todd Families in America Overview:

    A narrative of American Todd families, including their settlement and migrations by state and county and a paragraph summary of all Todd families throughout the world organized by family number

  • Section 2: Information on specific families: By Family Number as described in the Overview

  • Section 3: DNA - Family History Genetics (DNA is a powerful tool that can solve family history puzzles that no amount of paper research can solve.)

  • Section 4: Basic Data organized geographically

  • Section 5: Table of Contents of Microfilm/CD Rom Version of Entire Collection
  • I do not intend to expand this site beyond the research done to date, but would welcome the opportunity to transfer all the information on this site to someone wishing to provide an ongoing expanding resource of the results of Todd Family research.

    This collection was made possible by generous sharing of their research and assistance by Shirley Weber, Lorraine Lewellyn, Gregg Branum, Don Todd, Dick Heineman, Kathy Todd, Jeanne Todd, Barbara McKee, Shane Symes, Debbie Hanson, Corleen Arrowood, David McMurtry, Dee Bardes, Ann Lackey, Douglas Watkins, Jeff Danner, Larry Murdoch, Tim Todd, Bruce Baker, Glenda Dobbs, Kathryn Gardner, Jim Baumgartner, Morris Todd, Carol Langford, Ernie Johansen, Cherie Ohlsson, Nancie Todd Weber, Joanne Rabun, Richad Womelsduff, Geoff Trowbridge, Stephenie Todd, E. Parker Todd, David Todd, Herb Todd, Gwen Dalseg, Bill Marshall, Richard Locker, Mindy Bonin, Tammy Wade, Becky Griswold, Effie Taylor, Marla Odom, Bettye Guthrie, Sophia McFall, Mary Fyock, Norm Todd, Judy Dye, Annette Todd, Rande Todd, Linwood Todd, Hal Todd, Patt Fulton, anonymous members of the Philadelphia County Todds and many others.

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