Bunker - Scraps of Family History



From "Bon Coeur" - a good heart

The first of this family in America was George Bunker and all that is known of him is that he was a French Hugenot who resided in England before he came to this country and settled in Topsfield Mass. He married Jane Godfrey and had five children of whom three are of interest to us. He died by drowning soon after his last child was born and his widow with four of her children moved to Nantucket where she married Richard Swain. She died in 1662, being the first death of a white person on the Island. The Bunkers became very large owners of land on the Island succeeding to one half interest of William Piles holdings.

Children of George Bunker and Jane Godfrey are:

Martha Bunker, born November 28, 1656 in Essex, Massachusetts; died September 21, 1744 in Nantucket, Mass; married Stephen Hussey October 08, 1676 in Nantucket, Mass.
William Bunker, born June 17, 1648 in Tingrith,Bedfordshire,England; died June 26, 1712 in Nantucket, Mass; married Mary Macy April 11, 1669 in Nantucket, Mass..
Mary Bunker, born May 11, 1652 in Newburyport,Essex,Massachusetts; died May 19, 1724 in Nantucket, Mass; married Stephen Coffin 1668 in Nantucket, Mass..


George’s Father was Quilluame William Boncoeur, born 1600 in Nancy, Meuse, France; died ? in England. George was the son of Guillaume Bonecourt, born 1580 in Nancy, Meuse, France; died Unknown. He married Anne Gossellive Abt. 1599.


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