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This family are descended from John Hussey of Dorking Surrey County, England. His widow, with her son Christopher, came to America June 5, 1632. Christopher was born February 18, 1598/99 and at one time was in Holland where he became enamored of Stephen Batchelder’s daughter Theodate and as her father would not consent to their marriage unless they accompanied him to America, they were married and sailed in the ship William and Francis, with Stephen Batchelder. The passage took eighteen days. In 1636 Christopher and Theodate were at Lynn, Mass., where her father was a minister. In the following year became a deputy. In 1638 he became one of the original settlers of Hampton and held many official positions, built a meeting house and in 1643 was elected Moderator-Deacon. In 1659 he became one of the nine original purchasers of the Island of Nantucket, although he never lived there as far as can be ascertained. In 1671 he deeded all his interests there to his sons Stephen and John. In the year 1691 he was appointed by the King to the office of Councillor to erect New Hampshire into a separate government. This was a very responsible position. Christopher died on March 06, 1685/86 at Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire. Christopher and Theodate had six children: Stephen, Joseph, John, Mary, Theodate, Huldah.

Christopher and Theodate’s son Stephen was born in Lynn, Mass and subsequently went to Barbados in the West Indies. He was born in 1632 and married late in life, 1676 to Martha Bunker. He deeded to his son Batchelder for love and affection, one full complete one-quarter of the share which had been deeded to him by his father, being one full complete twenty-fifth of the Island of Nantucket. In his will proved 1718, he styled himself yeoman. He was buried in the Friends burial Cemetery at Nantucket he being one of the seven persons who formed the First Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends at Nantucket.

Steven’s son Sylvanus was a merchant and a prosperous one. He received a good education and took to the law. His principal occupation, however was Master Mariner (in 1726 he captured two whales) although from the date the court records began till his death there was seldom a session when he did not appear as a party or attorney. He lived a life of constant turmoil although strange to relate he was one of the petitioners to organize the Friends Society (Quakers), but was disowned by them in 1717. Sylvanus Hussey married first Abial Brown and second Hepzibah Starbuck. Sylvanus at his death willed to the various members of his family thirteen houses besides other property. His son Obed became famous as the inventor of the Reaper. His daughter Rachel, who was first married to Barnabus Coleman and secondly Paul Bunker when she died had 113 grandchildren to her credit and 94 great grandchildren and during her eventful life, had in the space of thirty three years had assisted in 2992 births of whom thirty were twins. Now when you figure this out, it was 7.5 children a month or about two per week. Now Rachel must have been kept on the trot all those 33 years. It certainly is a record.

Steven’s son Batchelder married Abigail Hall they were grand parents of William Coffin their sister Mary married Johanthan Worth. They were the grandparents of Captain Daniel Folger.


Christopher and Theodate’s son John married Rebecca Perkins and through this line we are related to Richard Milhous Nixon, President of the United States. Nixon was the 6th great grandson of John Hussey and Rebecca.



The Last Will and Testament of Chrisopher Hussey was made the 28th day of February 1684.

I, Christopher Husy, being through the mercy of God in health of body and of a sound memory and disposing capacity for wch (which) I bles the Lord and God being strickn in years, not knowing the time of my departure desiring according to rulle to set my house in order before I dy, revoke alll former Wills by me made, to make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in wch I do first resigns my soule unto the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ my blessed Savior and Redeemer and my body to the dust from whence it was taken in hope of a blessed resurrection among the just when my soule and body being again reunited and clothed over with the

righteonsness of Christ to remaine with the Lord forever and as for my outward estate that God hath graciously lent me my just debts being payd and funeral charges discharged, I dispose of as followeth.

Imprimis: I give my two sons Steeven Husy and John Husy my farm with all the privileges thereof namely the one hundred and fifty ackers of meadows upland as granted taken also fifty ackers more of marsh which I bought adjacent to it I say I give it by equal parts that is to say one full

half to my son Steeven his heirs and assigns forever in fee simple and the other half to my son John in like manner only that paying to my dafter Mary as hereafter in my Will is expressed.

Item: I give to my dafter Mary Husy now wife of Thomas Page my 7 acres of medow lying near Bejamin Shaws and that peec of medow through which the highway lyeth and also 2 shares in the ox common and also too shars of cows common and also I do order that my son John Smith shall pay her thirty pounds and my two sons John and Steeven shall pay her forty pounds apiece in good pay.

Item: I give and bequeath to my dafter Huldah the like manner all the rest of my lands and housing and comon rights in the town of Hampton and all the houshold stuff and goods and stck then remaining that is to say my house with all in it or with it with all the land adjacent and the planting lots and 3 ackers medow lot toward the sprint, 2 shars in the ox coman and 2 shars in the cow coman and do order and appoint that he shall pay to my dafter Mary thirty pounds toward her porsion.

Item: My will is that the legases that I have bequethed to my dafter Mary that part of it wch is in land that shee shall enjoy it imediately after my deasease and the thirty pounds that shee shall have of my son John Smith the husband of my dafter Huldah i do will it to be payd her in two years after my desease that it to say the one half the first year and the other half the second year as good pay of country.

Item: My will is also that the forty pounds apeece that I have willed my two sons Steeven Husy and John Husy to pay her that it be payd her allso within or by the end of two years next after my desease in som good pay of the country.

Item: My will is also that the forty pounds and in case of fayler shee my sd. dafter shall have in low thereof thirty ackers of the farm part whereof shall be the old field lying on the other side of the way on end whearof buts upon my old house and the other end toward the mill River by

the bridge the rest to be made up of the farms wch ad. lands shall be ingadged hearby and shall be responsible for the payment of the aforesayd som ten or twelve ackers whearof shall be medow.

Item: My will is that the sd. (said) som being payd my sayd sons Steven and John shall have the farm first bequeathed by evene and equal porsion (portion) only my son John shall not be molested or hindered of what he have built on nor his building ncrompltd(?) in the valving of the farm because they are his owne the land on wch. that stan be rakend or valued.

I do upon further consideration will and declare that it shall be in my sd dafter Mary 's choifc whether shee will bave the land foremensioned in the farme or the 80 pounds of my 2 sons Steeven and John Husy.

Lastly, I make and ordaine my son John Husy and my son John Smith to be joint Executors of this my will and in case they should both dy before as above sd. then I do appoint my dafter Mary and in case shee should also in like manor fayle then I apoint my son Steephen to be my Executor in their stead and my trusty friends Mr. Richard Waldron and Mr. Robert Pike to be overseers of this my will. In witness of all wch I have hearunto sett my hand and seal the day and year aforemensioned.

Christopher Hussey (SEAL) Signed, sealed

and declared to be his last Will and Testament before us:

Moses Pike

Robert Pike


Steeven Tong


Salisbry October ye 28 - 1685 upon a considering of som dubiausness in the expression of some things in this my Will respecting coman rights or privaleges I do by these present for the avoyding of any contraversy or mistakes about it in time to come declare that by the privileges mensioned belonging to my farm by it I do plainly intent whatsoever woods, woodland or feeding rights or coman lands to be divided that do belong to ye sd. farm it shall remaine and be to ye sd. farme and so ---- porsionably to be divided to my two sons that have the farm and lands adjacent or lands not yet pofost (possessed) that ly in coman and in like manner the coman rights that do belong to the lands that is given to my two dafters Mary and Huldah in the Towne it shall belong to each of them attending to thayr severall portions of land I meane any coman rights thereto belonging devided or undevided and this I do declare to by my plane intent and meaning in that case as wwitness my hand and seale, day and year above written.

Christopher Hussey (SEAL)

Signed, sealed and declared in ye presence of us

Steeven Tong (his mark)

Robert Pike

Martha Pike

New Hampshire in New England Moses Pike, Robert Pike and steeven Tong appeared the 7th of 8th month 1686 before Richard Waldron, Jr. and made oath that they saw Christopher Hussey signe, seal and heard him declare this Instrumit contained in the two former pages as his last will and then saw him signe and seal the above menconed codicill being of a disposing mind.

Attests Elisa Stileman Clery



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