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This is the web page for our family history. It was inspired by the Book  "SCRAPS OF FAMILY HISTORY" , written in 1917 by Walter M. Jackson Sr. In his book, he laid out his entire family history, with charts and narratives. His work is the core of  the ASHFIELD / JACKSON side of our family story.


Our genealogy is broken up into four major lines:



Ashfield, Baldwin, Barker, Barker, Forrester ,Frye, Jacobs, Jansen, Keer, McNeal, Parsons, Piper, Taylor, TenBrook, TerBosch, Timpson, Toulmin, VanToren, VanWyck, Wall, Wilton, Wiltsie, Woodly

Adams, Arnold, Austin, Barnes, Brown, Bunker, Canney, Cartwright, Coffin, Connolly, Courtenay, Folger, Forbes, Franklin, Gardner, Gayer, Haczak, Hall, Hobart, Hussey, Jackson, Jones, Kimball, Lapham, Macy, Man, Mann, Marron, Moores, Nixon, Nutter, OlwellPaddock, Parkhurst, Roberts, Russels, Sears, Severance, Starbuck, Stratton, Tibbets, Wheaton, Worth, Wyatt
Edward I, King of ENGLAND





Adams, Bouchier, new.gif (139 bytes)Brosnan,new.gif (139 bytes) Cronin, Cusak, Dorgan, Doyle, Flynn, Forde, Geary, Handel, Hayes, Hunter, Judge, Kerins, Kieran, Kilduff, Linehan, LoScalzo, Mahoney, Maloney, Marshall, Nyhan, Nihan, O'Brien, O’Keefe, O’Leary, Rogers, Slavin, Sullivan

Carbery, Carlos, Farrell, Mahler, McGouran, McGovern, McLaughlin, McLoughlin, Penko


The "Auld Country"(Ireland)  , England,   Nantucket,  New York - Manahttan, The Bronx ( Stratton Park , South Bronx),   Long Island & Upstate are some locations we will visit. 

I am always looking for more info on this subject, so please feel free to email  me with questions/info.


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