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Last updated January 2009
Welcome to our family's site. Robert D. McClure of Belfast, Ireland came to visit Emmy O'Keefe many years ago to share information about our ancestors. The original chart he provided was dated 1978. We would like to thank him for his interest and data that has keep our Tree alive. Emmy enjoyed sharing family stories and memories with anyone who was willing to listen. This sparked an interest in us to begin our current project.

According Robert David's research the McClure Family Tree exists in the following way:

Charleston, S. C., USA and Gracehill (Ireland) Branches
William John McClure Branch 1786 - 1867 = Jane Black n.d. and their descendants.

Duneane Branch
David McClure 1790 - 1883 = Margaret Beatty 1798/1800 - 1885 and their descendants.

Magherafelt Branch
Robert McClure 1799 - 1888 = Mary Steele 1811/12 - 1882 and their descendants.

Randalstown Branch
Thomas Henry McClure Abt 1780s or early 1790s � Abt 1845 = Jane Beatty n/d � 1820 and their descendants and second spouse, Jane Collins n/d and their descendants.

In the last few years we began to gather other information to document the data we already had. We have extended the initial chart and continue to research our family's history. We recognize the importance of sourcing and have researched many original documents to support the data we have gathered. Currently our information provides connections to McClures from Ireland who emigrated to Canada and the USA. Family members with Canadian connections will be noted by red maple leaf.

Please be aware that we wish to protect and maintain privacy for family members so data regarding living descendants will be limited to names only. Family members under the age of 18 will not be listed.


David McClure 1838-1929

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