Townlands M-Z Kilbroney 1901 Census

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Bridge Street

Church Street

Mary Street


Rostrevor Town

Ships in Port

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Synite Street


Water Street  


Bridge Street Rostrevor
No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Sex Occupation M. Status Place of Birth F.D.
1 Maggie Lynch Wife* RC 27 F   M Donegal  
  John G. Lynch Son RC 3 M   S Donegal  
  Gerald P. Lynch Son RC 1 M   S    
2 Catherine Crawford Head RC 60 F Merchant Wine & Spirit Wid Down  
  John Crawford Son RC 36 M   S Down  
  Patrick Crawford Son RC 34 M Shop Man Wine & Spirit S Down  
  Edward Crawford Son RC 33 M Shop Man Warehouse S Down  
  Ellen Crawford Dau RC 25 F   S Down  
  Catherine Crawford Dau RC 24 F   S Down  
3 Uninhabited - Shop                
4 Ellen Taylor Head Epis 46 F   Wid Down  
  Susan L. Sinclair Sister Epis 44 F   S Down  
  Elizabeth Lindsay Boarder Epis 55 F Living Private?? S Derry  
  Frances C? McGhee Boarder Meth 29 F H.Nurse (???) S Tyrone  
5 Patrick Donnelly Head RC 37 M Linen Lapper M Armagh  
  Ellen Donnelly Wife RC 26 F   M England  
  John Donnelly Son RC 3 M   S Down  
  Joseph Donnelly Son RC 1 M   S Down  
  Mary Murray Boarder RC 73 F   Wid Down  
6 Hugh Morrow Head Pres 60 M Linen Finisher M Derry  
  Margaret Morrow Wife Pres 42 F   M Down  
  Elizabeth Duffield Boarder Epis 32 F   S New Zealand  
  Sarah Duffield Boarder Prod? 25 F Undergraduate Royal University of Ireland. S Belfast  
7 Mary E. Allen Head CI 46 F   Wid Newry  
  Edith Allen Dau CI 11 F Scholar S Belfast  
  ?egina Allen Dau CI 4 F Scholar S Belfast  
8 Patrick Brady Head RC 53 M Spirit Merchant M England  
  Mary Brady Wife RC 53 F   M England  
  Annie Brady Dau RC 24 F   S England  
  Patrick Brady Son RC 23 M Builder Unemployed S England  
  Catherine Brady Dau RC 21 F   S England  
  James Scott G.Son RC 4 M Scholar S Scotland  
9 Mary? I. Gwynne Head Pres 30 F Householder M Belfast  
  Albert? Gwynne Son Pres 4 M   S Rostrevor  
  Robert Gwynne Son Pres 2 M   S Rostrevor  
  Bridget Murphy Serv RC 19 F Servant Domestic S ?????  
  Henrietta Bower? Lodger Pres 70 F Annuitant S Down  
10 Mary Anne Marshall Head Pres 60 F Property Holder Wid Belfast  
11 Uninhabited - Shop                
12 Patrick McBrien Head   50 M Publican M Caven  
  Marianne McBrien Wife   48 F Housekeeper M Down  
  Marianne McBrien Dau   17 F Scholar S Tyrone  
  Catherine McBrien Dau   13 F Scholar S Roscommon  
  Bridget May McBrien Dau   11 F Scholar S Armagh  
  Patrick James McBrien Son   8 M Scholar S Armagh  
  Rose Quinn Sister in law   50 F Housekeeper S Down  
13 Uninhabited - Shop                
14 William Kaye Head Pres 59 M Grocer M Scotland  
  Jane Kaye Wife Pres 56 F   M Scotland  
  Elizabeth Kaye Dau Pres 17 F   S Scotland  
  George Kaye Son Pres 14 M Scholar S Scotland  
15 Edward Cole Head RC 38 M Publican M Down  
  Mary Cole Wife RC 38 F   M Down  
  Edith C. Cole Dau RC 3 F   S Down  
  Bridget Morgan Serv RC 20 F General Domestic Servant S Down  
16 James* Smyth Head RC 55 M Draper M Miltown Down  *
  Mary Smyth Wife RC 49 F Draper M Rostrevor  
  John Russell Nephew RC 11 M Scholar S Rostrevor  
  Mary E. Russell Neice RC 10 F Scholar S Rostrevor  
  Katie McMahon Visitor RC 23? F Dressmaker S Monaghan  
  Bridget Smyth Serv RC 20 F General Servant S Down  
17 Charlotte Malcolm Head Pres 35 F Milliner S Armagh  
18 Bernard Dunn Head RC 66 M Auctioneer & Draper Wid Down  
  Annie Mulsey Dau RC 28 F Mantle Maker M Down  
  Kathleen Dunn Dau RC 25 F Dressmaker S Down  
  Madge Dunn Dau RC 24 F Dressmaker S Down  
  Teresa Dunn Dau RC 23 F Dressmaker S Down  
  Bernard Dunn Son RC 22 M Shop Assistant S Down  
  Gertrude Mulsey G.Dau RC 4 F Scholar S England  
  Bernard S. Mulsey G.Son RC 4m M   S Down  
19 Thomas Wallace Shop Assist CI 21 M Accountant S Armagh  
  Robert Lindsay Shop Assist Pres 19 M Apprentice to ???? S Down  
  William Irvine Shop Assist Pres 18 M Apprentice to ???? S Down  
  Bridget McManus Sev RC 26 F Cook Domestic Servant S Armagh  
20 Samuel Mahood Head CI 43 M House Painter M Down  
  Jane L. Mahood Wife CI 36 F   M England  
  Robert J. Mahood Son CI 14 M Scholar   England  
  Dolly Mahood Dau CI 12 F Scholar   England  
  Florence Mahood Dau CI 10 F Scholar   Down  
  Willis Mahood Son CI 8 M Scholar   Down  
  Fredrick Mahood Son CI 6 M Scholar   Down  
  Alan Mahood Son CI 3 M Scholar   Down  
  Teresa McAleavy Serv RC 22 F Domestic Servant S England  
21 Peter Fegan Head RC 74 M Dealer in Cloth Wid Down  
  Thomas Fegan Son RC 40 M National Teacher S Down  
  Elizabeth Fegan Dau RC 33 F Dressmaker S Down  
22 John Cole Head RC 50 M RN Pensioner M Rostrevor Down  
  Bridget Cole Wife RC 38 F Working in Shop M Rostrevor Down  
  Arthur Cole Son RC 16 M Working with Cart S Wexford  
  Minnie Cole Dau RC 13 F School S Wexford  
  ???? Cole Son RC 11 M School S Rostrevor Down  
  Annie Cole Dau RC 9 F School S Louth  
  Winefrid Cole Dau RC 7 F School S Louth  
  Danial Cole Son RC 5 M School S Down  
  Owen McNamee?? Boarder RC 23 M Blacksmith S Armagh  
23 John Brennan Head RC 60 M General Labourer S Down  
  Kate Brennan Sister RC 58 F Domestic Servant S Down  
  Mary Anne Brennan Sister RC 42 F Domestic Servant S Down  
  John Young Boarder Pres 25 M Train Conductor S England  
24 Elizabeth Weir Head Pres 40 F Laundress Wid Down  
  Ellen Weir Dau Pres 14 F   S Down  
  James Weir Son Pres 13 M Labourer S Down  
  William Weir Son Pres 7 M Scholar S Down  
25 Mary Fearon Head RC 73 F Housekeeper S Down  
26 Uninhabited -                  
27 Teresa Jordison Wife RC 48 F Independent M England  
  Josephine Jordison Dau RC 12 F Scholar S England  
  Kate Machin Serv RC 18 F Servant Domestic S Louth  
   *Form H                
1 J. L. Sergeant RIC RC 38   Farmers Son M Cork  
  R. W. Constable CI 26   Farmers Son S Fermanagh  
  P.H. O'N Constable RC 27   Farmers Son S Sligo  
Notes: Building 1 RIC Barrack, 2 Public House, 7 Private Dwelling & Shop, 8 Public House, 12 Public House, 14  Private Dwelling & Shop, 15 Public House, 16 Private Dwelling & Shop, 18 Private Dwelling & Shop,  22 Private Dwelling & Shop.

* I am told James Smyth (16) was born in Milltown Clonallon and that his wife was Bridget Russell. *


Church Street Rostrevor
No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Sex Occupation M. Status Place of Birth F.D.
1 Edward Smith Head CI 34 M Hotel Proprieter M Down  
  Martha Holmes Vis Pres 36 F Hotel Proprieter M Antrim  
  Mary Smiley? Vis Pres 23 F   S Antrim  
  Annie Smith Wife CI 33 F   M Down  
  Joseph Reid? Vis RC 28 M Insurance Agent S Louth  
  Annabella McMillan Serv Pres 36 F Cook S Arggleshire??  
  Agnes Murphy Serv RC 29 F Bookkeeper? S Louth  
  Mary Rooney Serv RC 26 F Barmaid? S Down  
  Thomas McArdle? Serv RC 44 M Waiter S Antrim  
2 Richard Cole Head RC 76 M None Wid Down  
  Margaret Cole Dau RC 45 F None S Down  
  Mathew Cole G.Son RC 18 M None S Down  
  John Greene Boarder Prot 78 M Gardner Wid Down  
  William Greene Boarder Prot 50 M None Wid Down  
3 James Curran Head RC 74 M Plimber Wid Down  
  Mary Ellen Grant G.Dau RC 12 F     Down  
  Henry Grant G.Son RC 8 M     Down  
  William Grant G.Son RC 6 M     Down  
4 Mary Gribben Head RC 28 F   Wid Down  
  Annie Gribben Dau RC 6 F     Down  
4 Patrick Farrell Head RC 28 M   M Down  
  Mary Farrell Wife RC 28 F   M Down  
  Lizzie Farrell Dau RC 4 F   S Down  
  Kate Farrell Dau RC 2 F   S Down  
  Annie Farrell Dau RC 1 F   S Down  
5 John Augustine Fearon Head RC 66 M Grocer & Spirit Merchant M Down  
  Mary Fearon Wife RC 60 F   M Down  
  Sarah Fearon Dau RC 25? F None S Down  
  George Fearon Son RC 23 M None S Down  
  David Fearon Son RC 21 M Assistant S Down  
6 Mary White Head RC 50 F Victular S Down  
  Teresa White Sister RC 40 F Domestic Servant S Down  
  Owen Fitzpatrick Serv RC 19 M Assist Victular S Down  
7 Uninhabited -                  
8 Thomasina Hay Head RC 58 F Widow of Sir Arthur ? G. Hay ???? Of Park??   Ballykillby Down  
  Mary Ann Kearney? Serv RC 28 F Cook & Laundress S Louth  
  Bridget Lennon Serv Pres 18 F House & Parlour Maid S England  
9 James Henry Marland Head Pres 58 M Retired Provision Merchant M America  
  Alice Marland Wife Pres 57 F Retired Provision Merchant M Down  
  Mary Margaret Byrns Serv RC 21 F General Domestic Servant S Down  
10 Thomas Hughes Head RC 51 M Pensioner RIC M Armagh  
  Eliza   Wife RC 40 F Housekeeper M Antrim  
  P??? Beyrne?? Boarder RC 28 M N. Teacher Undergrad? RUI S Belfast??  
  David John Carlisle Boarder Pres 20 M Student RUI S Down  
  Margaret Murphy Boarder Pres 24 F   S Down  
11 Uninhabited -                  
12 Mathew Lynch Head RC 55 M Parish Priest S Down  
  Sarah Grant Serv RC 55 F Housekeeper S Down  
  Edward Morf??? Serv RC 30 M General Servant S Down  
  Mary Ann Curran Serv RC 12 F General Servant S Down  
12 Joseph Doyle ? RC 44 M RC Clergyman   Down  
13 Sr M. Vincent Murtage ? Sister of Mercy 72 F Sister of Mercy   Armagh  
  Sr M. Gabriel Boyd ? Sister of Mercy 54 F Sister of Mercy   Down  
  Sr M. Agatha O'Niell ? Sister of Mercy 37 F Sister of Mercy   Down  
  Sr M. Dy????? Mullan ? Sister of Mercy 34 F Sister of Mercy   Monaghan  
  Sr M. B??? Carraghen ? Sister of Mercy 32 F Sister of Mercy   Armagh  
  Sr Ita O'Niell ? Sister of Mercy 25 F Sister of Mercy   Tyrone  
  Sr Angela Moylan ? Sister of Mercy 60 F Sister of Mercy   Cork  
  Lizzie McCarthy Serv RC 23 F Sister of Mercy Not Down  
14 Catherine Murray Head RC 50 F Retired Draper S Tyrone  
  Eliza? Murray Sister RC 47 F Retired Draper S Tyrone  
  Mary? Curran Serv RC 64 F Servant S Tyrone  
15 William Palmer Head RC 49 M Retired Police Inspector M Queens  
  Clara Palmer Wife RC 36 F   M Down  
16 Charlotte Bushell Head CI 71 F   Wid Fermanagh  
  Gerrard? Bushell Son CI 28 M Linen Lapper S Down  
  William Crawfston? Brother CI 76 M Army Pensioner S Derry  
17 Peter Woods Head RC 54 M Shoemaker M Down  
  Margaret Woods Wife RC 60 F   M Down  
  Peter Woods Son RC 16 M Shoemaker S Down  
  Minnie Woods Dau RC 10 F Scholar S Down  
18 David McCullough Head CI 54 M Auctioneer M Down  
  Elizabeth McCullough Wife CI 53 F   M Down  
  John William McCullough Son CI 21 M Grocers Assistant S Down  
  Ada Gwyn?? McCullough Dau CI 19 F Grocers Assistant S Down  
  Sarah Elizabeth McCullough Dau CI 17 F Grocers Assistant S Down  
  Margaret McEvoy Serv RC 24 F   S Down  
19 Nathanial Henry Lightbody Head CI 56 M ???? Master M Rostrevor Down  
  Elizabeth Jane Lightbody Wife CI 54 F   M Lough Erne Down  
  Henry Samuel Lightbody Son CI 21 M Joiner S Rostrevor Down  
  Florence Maud Lightbody Dau CI 18 F   S Rostrevor Down  
  James Gillespie Nephew CI 16 M Apprentice Joiner S Dumbarton Scotland  
  Mary Ann Gillespie Sister in Law CI 40 F   S Lough Erne Down  
  Susan Kernlith? Sister in Law Pres 56 F   Wid Lough Erne Down  
  The Rev. Robert Mease Boarder CI 46 M Clerk in Holy Orders Wid Cavan  
20 Henry Goodwin Head Epi 60 M Carriage ???? M Down  
  Eleanor Goodwin Wife Epi 50 F   M Wicklow  
  May Goodwin Dau Epi 17 F   S Down  
  Leener? Goodwin Dau Epi 16 F Teacher S Down  
  John Herbert Goodwin Son Epi 14 M Schoolboy S Down  
21 Mary Jane Hillis Head CI 61 F   Wid Louth  
  Maria Hillis Dau CI 28 F Dressmaker S Down  
22 Rose Morgan Mother RC 69 F Housewife Wid Down  
  Michael Morgan Son RC 43 M Postman S Down  
  Ellen Morgan Daughter RC 27 F Dressmaker S Down  
  Hugh Morgan Brother RC 63 M Agent M Down  
23 William Brown Head CI 66 M Pointer & Glazier M Down  
  Maria Brown Wife CI 56 F Laundress M Queens  
  Jane Brown G.Dau CI 4 F None S Scotland  
24 Henry Sloane Head RC 31 M Grocer M Down  
  Elizabeth Sloane ? RC 30 F   M Down  
  Daniel John Sloane Son RC 6 M     Down  
  Annabella Farrell Mother RC 70 F Grocer M Down  
25 James Treanor   RC 40 M Millwright M Down  
  Mary Treanor   RC 45 F   M Down  
  William Philipine?   RC 35 M Grocer & Baker M Down  
  Elizabeth Philipine?   RC 30 F   M Down  
26 Henry Connolly Head RC 45 M Linen Lapper M Down  
  Jane Connolly Wife RC 35 F   M Down  
  Mary Christine Connolly Dau RC 5 F Scholar   Down  
  Annie Cathleen Connolly Dau RC 3 F Scholar   Down  
  Norah Connolly Dau RC 2 F Infant   Down  
  Bernard Connolly Son RC 1 M Infant   Down  
27 Elizabeth Whitaker Head RC 69 F   Wid Dublin  
  Jane Frayne? G.Dau RC 14 F Scholar S Dublin  
28 Bridget McGivern Head RC 40 F Grocer S Down  
29 John Connolly Head RC 38 M Boot & Shoe Maker M Armagh  
  Rose Connolly Wife RC 30 F   M Down  
  Patrick Connolly Son RC 9 M Scholar S Down  
  Daniel  Connolly Son RC 7 M Scholar S Down  
  James Connolly Son RC 5 M Scholar S Down  
  Mary Connolly Dau RC 3 F Scholar S Down  
  Rose Connolly Dau RC 1 F   S Down  
30 Sarah McBeggs Head Epi 47 F   Wid Down  
  David McBeggs Son Epi 23 M   S England  
  Ethel May McBeggs Dau Epi 18 F   S England  
31 Bernard Reilly Head RC 34? M Tram Conductor M Down  
  Annie Reilly Wife RC 36 F   M Down  
  May Reilly Dau RC 1 F   S Down  
  Sarah Byrnes Visitor RC 19 F   S Down  
  Thomas McGuire Boarder RC 66 M Pensioner Metripoliton Police London Wid Down  
32 Catherine Tinley Head RC 59 F   Wid Down  
  Thomas Tinley Son RC 27 M Baker S Louth  
  Peter Tinley Son RC 28 M Baker S Louth  
  Patrick G. Tinley Son RC 26 M General Labourer S Louth  
  Charles Tinley Son RC 22 M General Labourer S Louth  
  ???? Tinley Dau RC 18 F   S Down  
33 Arthur Hughes Head RC 48 M   M Down  
  Bridget Hughes Wife RC 48 F   M Down  
  Arthur John Hughes Son RC 11 M   S America  
  Bridget Mc??? Serv RC 22 F   S Armagh  


Mary Street (Rostrevor)
No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Sex Occupation M. Status Place of Birth F.D.
1 Presbytarian Church                
2 Mary Mallon Head RC 53 F   M Down  
  Mary Mallon Dau RC 23 F Dressmaker S Down  
  Catherine Mallon Dau RC 18 F Dressmaker S Down  
  Daniel Mallon Son RC 15 M Scholar S Down  
  Margaret Mallon Dau RC 13 F Scholar S Down  
3 Mary McCormack Wife RC 52 F House Duties M Down  
  Rose Ellen Cowan Visitor RC 12 F Attending School S Down  
4 Margaret B. Orme Head CI 60 F   Wid Down  
  Ellen Doyle Serv RC 30 F   S Wexford  
5 Martha Calvert Head CI 78 F   Wid Dublin  
  Mabsie?? Calvert Dau CI 30 F   S Macedonia  
  Frances Johnston Visitor CI 52 F   S London  
  Mary Anne Quinn Serv RC 40 F Cook S Down  
  Margaret Faron Serv RC 17 F Parlour Maid S Rostrevor  
6 Mary McAnulty Head RC 30?     M Down  
  Rose  Fearon   RC 15?   General Servant S Down  
  James Mark Visitor Epis 37   Veterinary Surgeon M Down  
  Mary C. Mark Visitor Epis 30     M London  
  Bridget Curran Visitor RC 18   Servant S Rostrevor  
  John M. Mark Visitor Epis 3     S Newry  
  Aileen Dunwoody Visitor Pres 5     S Monaghan  
  Marjorie Dunwoody Visitor Pres 4     S Monaghan  
  Lillie Flemming Visitor CI 32   Governess S Galway  
  Margaret Smyth Visitor Meth 56     Wid Antrim  
  Edith H. Smyth Visitor Meth 22     S Antrim  
7 Mary Grace Emmerson Head Pres 59 F   S Down  
  Robert James Emmerson Brother Pres 56 M House & Land Agent M Down  
  Mary Sherry Serv RC 29 F General Domestic Servant S Down  
  Thomas E.H. Jones Visitor Pres 32 M Minister M Down  
  Annie Ma??? Jones Visitor Pres 39 F   M Antrim  
8 Rebecca Halligan Head RC 51 F ? S Down  
  Annie Cullan Visitor RC 25 F   S Longford  
  Ellen McBride Visitor Pres 50 F   S Belfast  
  Martha McBride Visitor Pres 48 F   S Belfast  
  Josephine McBride Visitor Pres 46 F Teacher S Belfast  
  Maggie Sherry Visitor RC 17 F Scholar S Monaghan  
  Mary Boyle Serv RC 54 F General Domestic Servant S Tyrone  
9 Mary Keelty Head RC 57 F Keeping Lodgings Wid Down  
  Ellen Keelty Dau RC 28 F Assisting at Home Keeping S Down  
  Bridget Shiels Serv RC 14 F Domestic Servant S Down  
  Percy Grant Clarke Visitor CI 29 M Solicitor S Belfast  
  May Clarke Visitor CI 28 F No Occupation S London  
  Percy Grant Clarke (Junior) Visitor CI 3 M   S Belfast  
  Kate Clarke Visitor CI 28 F No Occupation S Belfast  
  Mary Phelan Visitor RC 64 F Drapery? Wid Monaghan  
  Clare Phelan Visitor RC 21 F Drapery? S Monaghan  
10 Michael McNielly Head RC 39 M Blacksmith M Armagh  
  Mary McNielly Wife RC 36 F   M Louth  
  James McNielly Son RC 13 M Scholar S Louth  
  Mary Eliz McNielly Dau RC 12 F Scholar S Louth  
11 John   Farrell Head RC 29 M General Labourer M Down  
  Mary Ellen Farrell Wife RC 27 F   M Down  
  Patrick Farrell Son RC 4 M     Down  
  Richard Farrell Son RC 2 M     Down  
12 Margaret McBride Head Pres 64 F Annuitant Wid Monaghan  
13 Hugh Graham Head Pres 49 M Manager Linnen Factory M Down  
  Emily Graham Wife Pres 47 F   M Down  
  Elsie Graham Dau Pres 19 F   S Down  
  Daisy Graham Dau Pres 17 F Scholar S Down  
  Jack Graham Son Pres 12 M Scholar S Down  
  Millie Graham Dau Pres 10 F Scholar S Down  
  Bessie Graham Dau Pres 8 F Scholar S Down  
  Hugh Graham Son Pres 6 M Scholar S Down  
  Will? Graham Son Pres 4 M Scholar S Down  
  Maggie Hanratty Serv RC 19 F General Domestic Servant S Louth  
14 Sarah Jane Gilcriest Head Meth 60 F Honey Bagger? Wid Down  
  Rebecca Hayetton?? Shop Assist CI 40 F Assist in above S Tyrone  
  Annie Graham House keeper Meth 38 F Assist in above S Tyrone  
  Josephine Flanighan?? Assist Meth 18 F Assistant S    
  Isabella Morris?? Assist Pres 18 F Assistant S    
  Annie Brown Visitor Meth 54 F Servant in Home S Ballymartin  
  Edith  Flanighan?? Assist Meth 21 F   Wid ??  
15 Sarah May McNeilly Head Pres 37 F Postmistress S Down  
  William* Shaw Uncle CI 57 M Retired Postmaster Wid Down  
  Martha Louisa Keown Assist CI 21 F Post Office Assistant S Down  
  Mary McAteer Serv RC 33 F General Domestic Servant S Down  
16 Mary Innes? Head CI 71 F No Occupation S Down  
  Helen? Morrison Shop keeper Pres 51 F Domestic Servant S ????  
  Agnes Greer Parlour Maid Pres 34 F Domestic Servant S Armagh  
  Mary Greer House Maid Pres 20 F Domestic Servant S Armagh  
  Bridget Hughes?? Cook RC 30 F Domestic Servant S Armagh  
17 Uninhabited - Auction Mart.                


No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Sex Occupation M. Status Place of Birth F.D.
1 Hugh Murphy Head RC 26 M Gardener M Down  
  Jane Murphy Wife RC 27 F   M Meath  
  Hugh Murphy Son RC 1 M     Down  
  Patrick Murphy Son RC 1m M     Down  
2 Patrick Reilly Head RC 50 M Agricultural Labourer M Louth  
  Bridget Reilly Wife RC 56 F   M Louth  
  Patrick Reilly Son RC 28 M Agricultural Labourer S Louth  
  James Reilly Son RC 21 M Agricultural Labourer S Down  
  Joseph Reilly Son RC 16? M Agricultural Labourer S Down  
  Maggie Reilly Dau RC 19 F   S Down  
3 Uninhabited - Mary J. Vandeleur              
4 James McGuffin Head Meth 63 M Army Pensioner M Newry Down  
  Letea? McGuffin Wife Meth 51 F Housekeeper M Newry Down  
  Maggie Gray Niece Pres 14 F Apprentice Milener S New York America  
5 John Rodgers Head RC 50 M Labourer M Down  
  Bridget Rodgers Wife RC 48 F   M Down  
  Mary Rodgers Dau RC 22 F Domestic Servant   Down  
  William Rodgers Son RC 19 M Labourer   Down  
  John Rodgers Son RC 15 M Telegraph Messenger   Down  
  Maggie Rodgers Dau RC 13 F Scholar   Down  
  Elizabeth Rodgers Dau RC 10 F Scholar   Down  
  Agnes Rodgers Dau RC 6 F Scholar   Down  
6 Joseph William Warburton Head CE 63 M Assistant Clerk Foreign Office ???? Retired Widow Athy? Kildare  
  Susan?? Cruc?shank?? Serv Epi 34 F Cook Domestic Servant Widow Poyety? Pass Antrim  
  Elizabeth McGivern? Serv Epi 24 F Housemaid Domestic Servant S Poyety? Pass Antrim  
  Katherine Clarke Serv RC 24 F Parlour maid Domestic Servant S Castlebellington Down  
7 Alexander McDowell Head CE 32 M Gardner M Cavan  
  Jane McDowell Wife CE 31 F   M Leitrim  
  Eliza Jane McDowell Dau CE 7 F Scholar S Armagh  
  Margaret McDowell Dau CE 4 F Scholar S England  
8 Thomas McAleavy Head RC 61 M Coachman Domestic Servant Widow Down  
9 James McFarland Head CI 75 M Bank Manager M Colrain Armagh  
  Dora McFarland Wife CI 67 F   M Newry Down  
  Pat S. Lerinener?? G.Son CI 3 M   S London  
  Mary McKeenan Nurse RC 50 F Nurse Domestic Servant S Down  
  Mary Guy Servant RC 51 F Cook Domestic Servant S Armagh  
  Minnie Berry Servant RC 25 F Parlour Maid domestic Servant S Armagh  
10 Cecelia A. Lynnot ? CI 50 F No Occupation S Dublin  
  Ada Marion? Lynnot Sister CI 44 F No Occupation S ????  
  Harriett Henrietta Filaton Servant CI 19 F Cook   S England  
  Lizzie McNulty Servant RC 24 F Parlour Maid  S Armagh  
11 Samuel Hill Head Epis 56 M Retired Farmer M Down  
  Ellen Elizabeth Hill Wife Epis 50 F   M Armagh  
  Charles Whiteside Visitor Epis 65 M Retired Farmer S Armagh  
12 George Brown Head CI 40 M Sett Maker M England  
  Jane Brown Wife CI 34? F Housekeeper M Armagh  
13 Wm. H.G? Lennon Head CI 38 M   M Dublin  
  Dora Lennon Wife CI 36 F   M Albany USA  
  Eveleen Lennon Dau CI 12 F Scholar S Armagh  
  Charles H. Lennon Son CI 11 M Scholar S Armagh  
  Norah G. Lennon Dau CI 9 F Scholar S Armagh  
  Mary C. Lennon Dau CI 5 F Scholar S Armagh  
  Dorothy Lennon Dau CI 6m F   S Down  
  Catherine Conlenon? Servant RC 16 F General Domestic S Newry  
14 Thomas Morgan Head Pres 76 M Presbyterian Minister M Down  
  Mary Morgan Wife Pres 74 F   M Monaghan  
  Charlotte Morgan Dau Pres 40 F Daughter S Down  
  Rebecca Morgan Dau Pres 37 F Daughter S Down  
  Annie McNiece Servant RC 18 F Domestic Servant S Down  
15 Ellen  Fagan Head RC 65 F None S Down  
  Elizabeth Fagan Sister RC 55 F Dressmaker S Down  
16 Mary Fagan   RC 40 F   S Down  
  Bridget Fagan Sister RC 36 F Dressmaker S Down  
17 John Feely Head Pres 59 M Beetling Engineman M Down  
  Jane Feely Wife Pres 50 F   M Antrim  
  John Henry Feely Son Pres 16 M Apprentice S Down  
  David Feely Son Pres 12 M Scholar S Down  
18 Joseph Purdy Head CI 25 M National Teacher S Down  
  Charlotte Purdy Niece CI 15 F Scholar S Down  
  Mary Orr Visitor CI 18 F Seamstress S Down  
19 William J. Wartson Head Epi 56 M Justice of Peace - Architect M England  
  Elizabeth Wartson Wife Epi 54 F   S Armagh  
  Janet G? Wartson Dau Epi 26 F   S Down  
  Elizabeth Carey Servant Epi 14 F House Man S Tyrone  
20 Edward Quinn Head CI 47 M Army Pensioner M Tullamore  Kings Co.