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Moyad Upper 1911 Census

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No on Form B First Name Surname Relation to Head Rel Age Occupation M. Status Yrs Wed No of Child -ren Still Alive Place of Birth F.D.
1 John Small Head RC 72 Farmer M 42 5 4 Down  
  Bridget Small Wife RC 71 Farmer Wife M       Down  
  Peter Small Son RC 38 Labourer S       Down  
  Johney Small Son RC 26 Labourer S       Down  
2 Edward Whirrity Head RC 44 Workman M 22 11 7 Down  
  Lizzie Whirrity Wife RC 37   M       Down  
  Owen Whirrity Son RC 20 Workman S       Down  
  Ellen Whirrity Dau RC 18   S       Down  
  Patrick Whirrity Son RC 12 Scholar S       Down  
  Mary Whirrity Dau RC 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Bridget Whirrity Dau RC 7 Scholar S       Down  
  Margaret Whirrity Dau RC 4   S       Down  
  Joseph Whirrity Son RC 1   S       Down  
3 John McMurray Head Morv 45 Gamekeeper M 19 3 3 Down  
  Mary McMurray Wife Morv 43   M       Down  
  Andrew McMurray Son Morv 18 Scholar S       Down  
  George McMurray Son Morv 16 Scholar S       Down  
  Thomas McMurray Son Morv 14 Scholar S       Down  
4 Patrick McAvoy Head RC 47 Farmer M 13 8 8 Down  
  Catherine McAvoy Wife RC 30 Farmers Wife M       Down  
  John McAvoy Son RC 12 Scholar S       Down  
  Patrick McAvoy Son RC 11 Scholar S       Down  
  Hugh McAvoy Son RC 10 Scholar S       Down  
  Thomas McAvoy Son RC 8 Scholar S       Down  
  Mary Margaret McAvoy Dau RC 7   S       Down  
  Catherine McAvoy Dau RC 5   S       Down  
  Owen McAvoy Son RC 2   S       Down  
  James Hentry McAvoy Son RC 8m   S       Down  
5 Rose Kennedy Head RC 75   W   4 3 Down  
  Alice Kennedy Dau RC 40   S       Down  
6 Ed Doyle Head RC 71 Labourer M 46 3 2 Down  
  Mary Doyle Wife RC 74   M       Down  
  Patrick Doyle Son RC 40 Labourer S       Down  
  Catherine Doyle Dau RC 35 Labourer S       Down  
7 Stephen McAvoy Head RC 33 Farmer M 4 2 2 Down  
  Ellen McAvoy Wife RC 34   M       Down  
  Michael McAvoy Son RC 2   S       Down  
  Mary Ellen McAvoy Dau RC 1   S       Down  
  Ellen McAvoy Mother RC 65   W       Down  
8 Michael Murphy Head RC 60 Farmer M 34 10 10 Down  
  Lizzie Murphy Wife RC 62 Farmer Wife M       Down  
  Peter Murphy Son RC 31 Farmer Son S       Down  
  Bridget Murphy Dau RC 30 Farmer Daughter S       Down  
  Readmond Murphy Son RC 29 Farmer Son S       Down  
  John Murphy Son RC 28 Farmer Son S       Down  
  Lizzie Murphy Dau RC 26 Farmer Daughter S       Down  
  James  Murphy Son RC 24 Farmer Son S       Down  
  Patrick Murphy Son RC 22 Farmer Son S       Down  
  Annie Murphy Dau RC 21 Farmer Daughter S       Down  
  Michael Murphy Son RC 19 Farmer Son S       Down  
  Thomas Murphy Son RC 17 Farmer Son S       Down  
9 John Quinn Head RC 49 Farmer M 22 1 0 Down  
  Ellen Quinn Wife RC 48   M       Down  
10 Peter Fearon Head RC 64 Farmer M 18 2 1 Down  
  Mary Fearon Wife RC 47   M       Down  
  Patrick Fearon Son RC 17 Farmer Son S       Down  
11 Anne Sloan Head RC 76   S       Down  
  Mary Sloan Sister RC 72   S       Down  
  Elizabeth Sloan Sister RC 62   S       Down  
12 Elizabeth Cunningham Head RC 64   S   1 1 Down  
  Michael Cunningham Son RC 20 Labourer S       Down  
13 Rose Fearon Head R 69   W       Down  
14 Daniel Lavery Head RC 68 Farmer M 42 11 8 Down  
  Mary Lavery Wife RC 60   M       Liverpool  
  William Lavery Son RC 16 Labourer S       Down  
  Edward Lavery Son RC 14 Labourer S       Down  
  Bernard Curran Son in Law RC 21 Seaman M < 1     Down  
  Mary Curran Dau RC 18 Seamstress M       Down  

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