Other Utah Newspaper Strays

Other Utah Newspaper Strays

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Other Utah Newspapers


Surname   First Name Event Event Date Place Publication Date Publication Page No. Co. Down Home Comments F.D.


Charles Death ? Parowan 28/12/1927 Parowan Times 1 Hillsborough b.16/09/1843:  Parents named  
Adams John Death 01/11/1908 Park City 02/11/1908 Ogden Srandard Examiner 4 Squire? Killed mine accident; cousin Pat Heenan.  
Boreas Jane Missing ? ? 14/05/1881 Deseret News 9 Lambeg? Son Seeking Parents  
Buchanan Margaret Death 19/10/1895 Ogden 02/11/1895 Deseret News 31 Mooringshore b.17/03/1824  
Burns John Death (Accident) 01/11/1908 Park city 02/11/1908 Ogden Standard Examiner 4 Squire Co.Down b.c.1875; wife in ireland; Cousin Pat Heenan.  
Burrows William C. Death 03/02/1910 Scofield 10/02/1910 Eastern Utah Advocate 1 Hillsborough b.1828  
Chestnut William Death ? Loa, Piute 20/02/1884 Deseret News 16 Down b.1799; father Robert Chestnut  
Coye? William Death 18/12/1871 Salt Lake City 27/12/1871 Deseret News 3 Ballynahinch Death of old soldier  
Draney John P. Death 09/12/1893 Plain City 16/12/1893 Deseret News 14 Guilford Co.Down b.17/03/1825  
Dunlap Margaret Death 18/12/1871 Salt Lake City 22/12/1871 Deseret News 9 Banbridge Wife of Joseph Dunlap; b. 1790 Banbridge.  
Forgie / Fergie? John Death 03/01/1911 Milford Utah 12/01/1911 Washington County News 1 Down b.25/02/1851  
Graham Thomas Missing ? ? 14/05/1881 Deseret News 9 Lambeg? Son Seeking Parents  
Hamilton Samuel Death 16/06/1874 Harrisburgh Washington 08/07/1874 Deseret News 16 Hillsborough b.13/06/1802; Parents John & Mary Hamilton  
Hamilton  Mary Death 11/04/1886 Hamilton (Nr Cedar city, Iron) 28/04/1886 Deseret News 16 Saintfield b. 26/09/1807; Husband John Hamilton.  
Hamilton John Death ? Cedar City Iron 20/12/1890 Deseret News 20 Saintfield b.12/07/1807; Left Ireland 31/12/1842  
Hendry William Death 25/05/1880 Greenock Scotland 07/07/1880 Ogden Standard Examiner 2 Nr Derry? b.14/02/1820; baptised ' Bridge of Wier  
Kelly Mickey Death /Avalanche ? Alta 27/01/1875 Deseret News 1 Down Aged 50 years  
Lennon James Feigned Death ? ? 15/08/1891 Deseret News 13 Rostrevor    
McCleve Alexander G. Death 18/11/1897 Taylor, Navajo, Arizona. 11/12/1897 Deseret News 31 Crawford Burn b.24/02/1854; son of John & Nancy Jane McCleve  
McEwan John Death 27/02/1878 Provo, Utah 06/03/1878 Deseret News ? Dromore? Son of Henry & Jane McEwan  
McKelvey Sarah Missing Person   Salt lake City 23/11/1904 Ogden Standard Examiner 8 Barren Co.Down Seeking Brother James  
McLatchie Edmond Death   Kaysville 19/02/1926 Davies County Clipper 1 Co.Down b.23/10/1842  
McTear John Death 08/03/1886 Glasgow Scotland 08/04/1886 Ogden Standard Examiner 4 Down b.01/06/1816  
O'Niel John Death 24/06/1880 Medway, Wesatch 07/07/1880 Deseret News 16 Gray Abbey b.06/04/1828  
Orr Bell Esther Death 25/02/1882 Hoytsville, ? 29/03/1882 Deseret News 16 Co.Down b.1811  
Quinn Ellen Death ? Battle Mountain & Palisade 21/12/1881 Ogden Standard Examiner 3 Grange killkeel? Died of Typhoid en route to battle Mountain  
Quinn Ellen Death ? Battle Mountain & Palisade 13/12/1881 Ogden Standard Examiner 3 Grange killkeel? Died of Typhoid en route to battle Mountain  
Shellady John Info Wanted    Anaconda Montana 01/07/1896 Salt Lake Tribune 8 Castlewellan? Mrs James Shellady  
Sloan Barney Missing   Salt lake City 18/02/1900 Salt lake Herald 4 Down Sister Catherine  
Sloan Robert Lennox Death 04/08/1874 ?, Utah 05/08/1874 Deseret News 13 Conlig? b. 09/11/1830  
Sloan Mary Death 13/09/1885 Salt lake City utah 16/09/1885 Deseret News 16 Crawford Burn b. 03/07/1835  
Taylor Robert Oldest man   Scarva Co. Down 23/05/1898 Salt Lake Tribune 4 Scarva Aged 119; Queen Victoria's Oldest Subject  
Taylor Robert Oldest man   Scarva Co. Down 21/02/1898 Salt Lake Tribune 4 Scarva Scarva Postmaster & General Merchant  

Once again the newspaper articles referred to in this table can be viewed by going to http://www.lib.utah.edu/digital/unews/  Although some of the names listed were found using the search facility on the above web site many were found by just browsing through online newspaper articles. Once again if anyone has information on other Co.Down strays recorded in other Utah newspapers I will be pleased to post the information here.