Shult Family Genealogy

Shult Family Genealogy

Surnames Being Researched

Primary surnames being researched on this site include the following:
  • Shult
  • Skold
  • Pease
  • Wallace
  • Porter
  • Rexroat
  • Baldock
  • Steel
  • Barlow

Take a look at our online database at this site. If any names look familiar, please let me know!

NOTE: New picture added in March, 2001

NOTE: New information on the Shult/Sköld name change, March 2001

NOTE: Scan of my great great great grandfather's handwritten postcard added.

Volume 2 of Shult Family Genealogy Newsletter Coming Out! Sign Up Now!

This spring or early summer I'll be publishing version 2 of the Shult Family Genealogy newsletter. This newsletter is designed for all descendents of Hons and Mary Shult, or Samuel and Lisa Shult, and will include highlights of research conducted in several branches of the family by researchers around the country, queries, and articles sharing information about recent discoveries. The newsletter is FREE of charge. If you think you might be related to this family, please sign up by sending me mail with the mailing address to which an issue should be sent. All addresses will be kept confidential and will not be published in any way.


My master sources list contains a list of our main sources, with some documents available electronically.

Points of Interest

Some family pictures in my possession are available online.

You can view information on the following places that are pivotal in this family genealogy:

Perhaps you have the answer to one of these questions. Click on any of the links below to take a look at some of the questions we have yet to answer, or view what we have discovered.


Contact Information and Notices

If anyone here looks like a relative of yours, if you have additional information, would like to request a source, or would like a copy of the gedcom file on which this site is based -- or even if you just want to chat -- feel free to send me email. I'd love to hear from you!
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