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Over the past twenty years, many genealogical journeys, across bridges to the past have been made to the places of my ancestors. Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois to name a few. Places which, at the time they came, were budding forms of what we know today. From our world to their world, we can reach out to touch and be touched, by those who came first in ships, then in wagons and on horseback, across wilderness, mountains and plains. These for me, have been journeys of the soul, experiences that moved and turned my heart from one place to another. A journey in their footsteps. George Eliot expressed it well when he said; 

"I desire no future that will break the ties of the past." 

A past which includes forbears, who, from the earliest times of our country, left their fields and fortunes, bade farewell to all they had known and loved to establish freedom in the new world and settle wilderness frontiers.

A grateful acknowledgment to numerous of the past and present generation who have contributed, over many years, to the genealogical effort which is our family tree. A link, where possible, to some of those contributors has been provided. I am deeply indebted to my parents, Kenneth Lee and Genevieve Rodeback Duncan, and to siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. They are ever here for us and have shared enthusiastically as we have discovered our roots.

Enjoy your visit and come back often.

This site is lovingly dedicated to
Kenneth Lee Duncan (1922 - 1999), and Genevieve Rodeback Duncan (1921 - 2000)

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