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Grateful appreciation is extended to those, many of whom have passed beyond the veil of mortality, who have contributed so unselfishly to what is our family tree. Archibald Fowler Bennett (1896-1965), who many years ago, traced our roots to John Rolfe and Pocahontas. Roxie Rebecca Rodeback (1893 -1966) who lovingly devoted much of her time and talents to genealogical research. 

Numerous others - not so close to the root - yet nevertheless most dear - have over many years - graciously, and unselfishly, contributed bits and pieces of information, which has helped to make a sometimes muddled mosaic more accurate and clear. It is my desire to acknowledge and give credit to those contributors. Their names, email address's, snail mail address's (where known), and occasionally web page URL's are sited in the notes and documentation for the specific individuals for whom the information applies. It is my hope that you will take the extra time to review those notes to learn of those contact individuals.

Additionally, I would like to thank countless individuals who have spent innumerable hours recording names and dates found in age old records. Individuals who have recorded vital information from deserted cemeteries, preserving important names and dates from dusty pages, and contributing in so many ways to those of us who love this work. They are my unsung heroes! 

Finally, if you have found family members among the names of individuals listed in this genealogical data base, and have information, corrections or comments, which you would like to share - please Contact Me, Meledie Duncan Gregory, at:
[email protected].

Top: Sophronia Chamberlain Rodeback (1884-1961), Standing to the right of her is Joseph Herbert Rodeback, (1876-1958)
Middle: Seated on the ground is Laurana Hanna Weeks Rodeback (1854-1924), to her right is James Rodeback, Jr. (1853-1919)
Bottom: Margaret Lenore Johnson (1903-1956)