Mendocino County Obituaries

This page will contain lists of obituaries I have copied from different newspapers over the past 10 years of so. It will contain obituaries from Mendocino County, CA, my Carnahan work as well as my own family history. It is by no means complete. I will be adding to it monthly, so check back often.  If you're looking for one and it's not listed here, send me a request and I'll see what I can find and get it posted.

There are now a number of web sites where you might find current obituaries for Mendocino County. Here are some of the links:
Anker-Lucier Mortuary (Willits)                     Ukiah Daily
Chapel By The Sea (Fort Bragg)                       Willits

Empire Mortuary (Ukiah)                                 Fort Bragg
Eversole Mortuary (Ukiah)                              Mendocino
I have placed a full digital run of the Mendocino Beacon with the following organizations.
Contact them for info on how to get copies of obits, etc.
Kelley House, Mendocino CA
Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Historical Society, Fort Bragg
Fort Bragg Advocate/Mendocino Beacon Newspaper Office, Fort Bragg
The newspaper abreviations are as follows:

AVA =  Anderson Valley Advertiser
CR   =   Covelo Review
DWD = Democratic Weekly Dispatch
DD =    Dispatch Democrat
ICO = Independent Coast Observer
LLH = Little Lake Herald
MLA = Mendo Lake Advertiser
MB - Mendocino Beacon
MCB = Mendocino Coast Beacon
MCR = Mendocino County Republican
MD = Mendocino Democrat
MDD = Mendocino Dispatch Democrat
MDT = Mendocino Dispatch Times
MH = Mendocino Herald
MWD = Mendocino Weekly Dispatch
NCN = North Coast News
NN - Noyo News
PAN = Point Arena News
PAR = Point Arena Record
PAREG = Point Arena Register
RJ = Redwood Journal
RVN = Round Valley News
UCP = Ukiah City Press
UDJ = Ukiah Daily Journal
UN = Ukiah News
URP = Ukiah Republican Press
UT = Ukiah Times
WCS = West Coast Star
WN = Willits News
Click on the first letter of the surname you want to find:
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